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More scooters coming soon to a sidewalk near you

More scooters coming soon to a sidewalk near you

Mike Thomas

Love them or hate them, it seems another wave of shared mobility devices are on the way to Central Ohio.

According to a report from WCMH, more than one thousand new electric scooters and bikes from companies with names like Jump, Spin, and Roam could be coming soon.

Jump and Spin have already gained approval from the city to launch their fleets of electric scooters and bikes. Under current rules, each company is allowed up to 500 mobility devices—meaning 1,500 more scooters and bikes will be available throughout the city.


Columbus based e-bike company Roam is still in the process of gaining approval for a planned Spring 2019 launch. While electric scooters have become a familiar sight, Roam’s bikes are sure to stand out when they eventually hit the streets:

Are you excited to see more mobility options coming to town, or worried about the issues these devices raise? Give us your thoughts in the comments.


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