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614NOW May Horoscope

Amber Falter



As April showers give way to May flowers, it’s time once again for madame Amber Falter, our resident mistress of the dark arts, to peel back the veil of cosmic unknowing (or something) for another edition of the ultra-serious (and ultra-accurate) 614NOW monthly horoscope.
When she’s not sacrificing chickens to gain the gift of second-sight, you can catch Amber on any number of the city’s many great comedy lineups (like
this one, for example).

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Grow it, don’t show it! This month you will have the urge to show off your Chia Pet at work, but it won’t play out in your favor because you used your own human hair. You will upset some in the office but not all! Keep the people who accept you for who you are close as Saturn is out to ruin friendships for no reason at all!

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Flowers are blooming and so is your eagerness to be in a canoe. Something about canoes has really got you going lately. You’re not even an outdoors person but you’ll be dying to meet someone new and adventurous this month. But beware, your desperation to become a wilderness type will only bring you heartbreak when you encounter a bug and you hate bugs.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Your addiction to eavesdropping is going to open a new door for your confidence. You’ll overhear someone talking about the difference between museli and granola and this will make you feel superior for most of the month. Prepare to impress no one with this nearly useless information. An opportunity will arise at the end of the month but you will just let it die in front of you!

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

As Star Man begins his Annual Anger Fight with Saturn, you’ll experience some super negative vibes in your workspace. Don’t give into them as they will pass in a few days AND someone you hate will quit. Stress will also burden you this month while you attempt to cut back on using React-Emojis too often on Facebook. But just relax-   You heart what you heart and that’s OKAY!

Leo (July 23 – Aug 21)

Pucker up, the new moon is going to send you so many little kissies this May! This flirtatious moon will bring out your seductive side and will make you wonder if you could ever see yourself dating a space rock. Even though you could probably never make it work, use these sexy moon compliments to climb any rock you want.


Virgo (Aug 22 -Sept 23)

Justin Timberlake is in retrograde this May and this means he will need many soothing baths. Be gentle with his little noodle body when you put him in the tub because he’s just so wiggly. It will be your job to keep JT pure, clean and brushed. If you can keep him alive, he’ll take a lot off of your plate financially and permanently!

Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22)

Your recent “yes-man” attitude is catching up to you and you’re aging at an alarming rate! You’ve been doing favors for everyone but yourself! Stop saying yes this month and only say no. Give up all other words in your vocabulary and become a giant, mean toddler because you deserve some LEGO time! Get back to being your own bitch instead of everyone else’s bitch, bitch!

Sagittarius (Nov 23 – Dec 22)

Someone you thought you blocked on your phone will text you this month. You will have to choose between saying “new phone, who dis?” or nothing at all. Whichever decision you make will never satisfy you, so let loose this May and take that trip you can’t afford. Once the full moon hits, someone will also text you to “go look at it.” Go outside alone and just look at it.

Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20)

Call the fire station because you’re a hot mess! Your free spirit will set off an alarm this month, in a bad way! You’re going to set off your friend’s fire alarm during a party you were trying to avoid talking to people at by offering to make the pizzas. You can’t cook a Digorno Pizza after 6 White Claws, that’s just science.

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

Jupiter hasn’t finished his 500 piece puzzle and this will complicate things for you. An elder in your life will join Instagram and you’ll struggle with what you post most of May. Remember, you CAN block comments! Also, be ready to put your arms up because something hard will be thrown at your face on the 15th. It will likely break your nose but not your spirit!

Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

Either your dad or your credit card company will call you often this month and they are MAD. Don’t pick up until you’re ready. On the 26th of May you will develop a new and exciting habit that will aid you in your circus career. Also, that white lie you told will come back to haunt you and you will lose credibility at your book club forever.

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Hobbies 101: Going green with plant arranging

Laura Dachenbach



Welcome to a series of articles to help you find your next hobby. Hobbies give us something to be passionate about, a creative outlet, and an alternative way to be productive. So stick around. Better well-being is just a lazy afternoon away.

Go green! Literally. House plants. Office plants. Plantscaping. Plants help us connect with the nature we too often leave outside, keep us creative, and generally make us happier people. So even if you’re stuck in a cubicle all day, a plant or two can help you feel more alive. At the very least, it’ll make your surroundings look better, and might just clean the air a bit.

Founded by a graphic design, and a landscaper, Planthrophy offers workshops and events to help you build a succulent garden, a moss wall, a living wall, or another plant-related creative decor project. Imagine that inspirational wall hanging you saw, now in a vibrant, earthy green. Workshops can be scheduled as private or team-building events.


I know what you’re thinking. Ugh. Something to take care of. But the plants are low-maintenance, or in the case of moss walls, zero maintenance—nothing to lose, and a little bit of skill and improved well-being to show for it.

The Franklin Park Conservatory also keeps a running calendar of events and classes, including DIY terrariums and other plant projects. You can even learn the mysteries of bonsai, the art of the miniature tree. Bonsai, by the way, represents a complete aesthetic. 

Face it. You spend a lot of time indoors. Make those surroundings work for you.

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Go chasing these 4 beautiful waterfalls around Columbus




TLC didn’t advise it, but we say go, go chasing waterfalls! Especially these four beauties around Columbus.

Some are for taking a dip in, some are for admiring from a distance, but all are to enjoy the natural beauty that exists just outside our bustling city.

Hayden Run Falls | 4326 Hayden Run Rd., Columbus, OH 43017

This hidden gem in Dublin is just off the boardwalk, giving you optimal time to snap the obligatory selfie and bask in nature’s bounty. Take a swim if you feel so inclined!
But the best part may just be the parking lot *cue choir of angels*

Always an adventure

A post shared by Kyra (@kyra.xy) on

Indian Run Falls | 700 Shawan Falls Dr., Dublin, OH 43017

Waterfall jumping is prohibited but we’re just going to leave these photos of people doing just that here….

This old Wyandot tribe ground can be hiked in about 30 minutes.


Glen Echo Park | 510 Cliffside Dr., Columbus, OH 43202

If you’re not looking close enough, you could miss this park entirely. This serene plot at the end of N Fourth St. beholds an old bridge, picnic tables, and a lovely little waterfall.

Venture a little further down the paved trail and admire the Ohio birds Mural covering the walls of a bridge’s underbelly.

🌿🐶🌊 #beagle #summertime #Columbus

A post shared by Maggie Jackson (@mmolloyjackson) on

Untitled (Collection of Headless Birds), 2017

A post shared by Natalie Parscher (@clozeprocedure) on

Not too bad for 5 minutes from the Hotel room. #parkchillen

A post shared by Dalton Owen (@da1ton_owen) on

Inniswood Metro Gardens| 940 S Hempstead Rd., Westerville, OH 43081

Not only is the waterfall at Inniswood Metro Gardens 10/10 Instagram-worthy, but the park as a whole is wildly photogenic. Besides snappin’ pics, enjoy the lush green grass, seating options, and blossoming foliage.

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Gallery Space: Addison Jones

Mitch Hooper



For some, the mistakes in the artistic process can be jarring and even derailing. Perfection is a must, and execution is everything. But for others, it’s finding the beauty in these mistakes and flaws. Life doesn’t always present itself with the perfect opportunity, and sometimes you have to make your own. It’s this philosophy that photographer and mixed media artist Addison Jones lives by to create her art.

Jones’ process to creation is very much a go-with-the- ow style, and some of her creations quite literally scream that as the phrase “fuck it” is occasionally written across her art. Don’t get this rebel yell twisted,

Photos: Brian Kaiser

though. What Jones does to create art is a multifaceted process that she does all by hand. It’s a labor of love where pieces will have hours of work poured into them until she feels like it’s finally finished. From the initial photoshoot all the way down to screen printing the paintings, Jones has found a way to work within her own restrictions and even be more efficient with her time. After all, this painting her portraits project started while she had down time waiting for her photos to import to her computer. (614) spent some time with Jones to unlock the secrets of her serendipitous artistry.


AJ: My boyfriend of six years and I broke up and I wanted a photography studio [in] downtown [Delaware]. I found one that was freaking awesome in an old abandoned building: no running water, third floor, it was an old ballroom so it was 4,000 square feet and SO awesome inside. Seemed amazing for me. Who needs running water anyways? With all that space I was able to have my photography studio and have my paintings out 24/7. I kind of got into a groove where I would edit, and while it was exporting I would paint, and then while that was drying I would edit again […]. I didn’t know that having proper space would bring me to do art more, but it did. I think I grew more as an artist within those two years than I had in the five years prior.


I come from a graphic design background. When I have way too many options I tend to get completely overwhelmed, but when I am under restriction, I think that gets my mind moving. I like to think of myself as a problem solver, so having guidelines actually makes me more creative. I do not do photography to get images to paint with. I do photography for my photography expression and if an image sticks out to me, I use it for my art. I feel like that is when it happens naturally […]. I like


to think of myself as an experimental artist where I am always trying to play with new techniques, different mediums, and just mess around with it. Due to that nature, I mess around quite a lot and mess up even harder. Most of the time I am like “Well, this is a piece of shit,” and don’t care if I mess up, so then I do something and I like it and then I’m like, “I love this piece.” It’s like that artist meme and it hits home so hard: This sucks, I suck; this is awesome, I am awesome.


I played with resin art a while ago and what I loved and hated about it was the fact that you couldn’t control it. I have so much control with what I do that I wanted to just let go. That also drove me bonkers but every time would lead to a different result. I one day was like, “Maybe I should screen on this because it would be a sweet background.” I didn’t know how to screen at that point so I made some terrible homemade thing and kind of figured it out. I found some image on the internet—not even thinking about using my own—and made a screen. I had just finished a photoshoot with one of my favorite models and was like, “Wow, that was stupid, Addison, use your own.”


I edit and do a photoshoot for the photoshoot, not for the art. If there is an image that has the correct lighting that I want with the correct mood, that is when I decide to use it as a screen. If it doesn’t have it, I just don’t use it. I don’t want to control a photoshoot for the sake of my screens, I want it for the photography and I want it to just happen naturally. I feel like when it is forced is when it doesn’t work.


Oh does it! I would like to say that I am constantly experimenting. The problem with experimenting on things so much is that there are a TON of ugly/fuck up stages […]. I think the biggest thing is that most people— me included—are scared to do something because they don’t want to mess it up. I have now changed my mindset into “If I mess it up, I will x it.” There are also a lot of times where I am not sure where to go next. So I just put it to the side, start something new and see if it just comes to me. If it doesn’t, I hang it in my living room until I can figure out what else it needs.

To view more of Addison Jones’ work, go to

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