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Collector’s Corner: The guitar hero

Mike Thomas



Like countless children of the 80s who felt inspired to pick up an axe and shred, Kris Misevski holds a deep appreciation for the prodigious riffage of Eddie Van Halen.

“Eddie made me want to play guitar. Jimi [Hendrix] made me want to learn guitar,” Misevksi explains from his home practice space, which is adorned with more rock-and-roll ephemera than you can shake a Fender Stratocaster at.

With two of rock’s all-time great virtuosos as his role models, it’s no wonder that Misevski found success on his own path to guitar herodom—his work with Columbus-based group Saving Jane even earned him a gold record.

Thanks to his time in an internationally-touring band and managing a music shop for a spell, Misevski has acquired a guitar or two through the years. While he stops short of calling it a collection, at around 20 guitars, his rec room has more axes per square inch than you’re likely to find in the average recording studio.

(614) spoke with Kris about what he looks for in a guitar, and the search for completeness that forever evades those who pluck six strings.

(614): How did you get started collecting guitars?

KM: I never really considered it collecting. Working in the guitar shop, there was always something cool that came in. I would just kind of cherry pick the used gear. They’re like kids. They all look different, they all sound different. I’ve got nine Fender Stratocasters and every one of them is unique—they’re not nine of the same thing. Some you pick up less, some you pick up more. The ones you pick up less, they just kind of collect dust, or you trade them and get something else.

Which piece holds the most sentimental value?

There’s an ‘89 Strat that I put humbuckers in, that I kind of wanted a Les Paul sound out of with the feel of a Stratocaster. I played it a lot in the 90s and a lot with Saving Jane.


What do you consider to be the “crown jewel” of the collection?

I have a Telecaster that was custom made for me by my friend Craig Phillips, who is a guitar genius. That would probably be the most unique of them, just because there isn’t another one. Amp-wise, I have a 1968 Fender Deluxe, which that particular model—I don’t know if it’s that year or just the one that I have—is just the one amp that I’ll never get rid of. It’s incredible.

What’s the weirdest guitar you own?

There’s one that I got off a guy, it’s a Jimmy Vaughn Stratocaster. It looks like somebody tied it to the back of their car and drove cross- country. It’s just beat to shit, but it plays, and it’s super funky. It really doesn’t sound anything like the other ones. It’s a blues and funk machine.

What do you look for when you’re choosing a guitar?

I like a guitar with a little bit of weight to it—it can’t be too light. I know sometimes people say, especially with Les Pauls, that they’re “backbreakers,” but I don’t mind it so much. And a lot of the Fenders that I have, I would take them to a friend and have him strip the lacquer o the neck, because I like the feel of bare wood. So if I get a Strat with a maple neck, I would just have that lacquer removed.

Has having such a large collection led to any trouble?

Only in the bank account! I bought a Telecaster last week. I went out to lunch with my friend, and we had time to kill, so we hit the music stores and there was this gorgeous blonde Tele. I picked it up and it played great, sounded great, and I’m looking at my friend like, “Am I going to leave with this? I don’t need another guitar!”

Will you ever consider this collection “complete” and stop adding to it?

Whenever somebody asks, “How many guitars do you need?” it’s always the same answer: “Just one more.”

Are you a collector? Would you like to showcase your collection? Email Mike Thomas at [email protected]

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The Office’s Kevin to throw first pitch/drop chili at Friday’s Clippers game




Everyone’s favorite butter/chili fingers will be gracing Huntington Park this weekend to hurl the first pitch at the Clippers Game.

Brian Baumgartner, better known as Kevin from The Office, will take the pitcher’s mound this Friday, July 26 before the Clippers face off against the Gwinnett Stripers.


He’ll follow up his athletic display with a meet and greet with fans, which is included in the purchase of your ticket! Let’s just hope he keeps a better grip on the ball than he did on that pot.

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Goodwill Hunting: Thrift your way to an affordable kitchen

Regina Fox



I think I’m due for an intervention. No, not for drugs or gambling, but rather, an ever-so-slight thrifting addiction. Okay, so I wouldn’t actually call it an addiction, and I don’t think I require an intervention, but the women who dutifully greet my beaming face every Wednesday at the South High Street Salvation Army 50% off days might disagree. But, with little money comes great responsibility to find a good bargain—something I’ve become quite skillful at.

So gather ‘round, one and all, to learn the ways of the ‘will—Goodwill that is. Uncover deeply discounted treasures with these tips and tricks to transform your cooking space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Have a loose vision

There’s a saying that I find particularly helpful when thrift shopping: “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” That’s to say that if you’re too focused on small details, you won’t see the big picture. Similarly, if you walk into Goodwill looking for matching ivory canisters, odds are that you will not only leave frustrated because you didn’t find them, but you will have also missed out on the dozens of unique treasures you breezed right by. We only see what we’re looking for, so broaden your scope of interest to simply canisters. Sometimes you’ll find exactly what you wanted, other times you’ll find something better, or maybe you won’t find anything at all. That’s the thrill of the hunt, after all.

Get Inspired

Before you can have a vision, you have to have inspiration. Inform your shopping spree by first identifying your style. Do you prefer a warm or cool palette? Do you like sleek and sophisticated or boho chic? Then, pop your style + “kitchen” into the nav bar of your favorite search engine (cough cough Pinterest) and voila! Inspiration station. But, if you’re looking for something more realistic to your budget, there’s an entire sect of Instagram influencers just for thrifting. One of my personal favorites is @missmirandarose, but I’m sure a simple “#thrift” search will turn something up.


Know the trends

Struggling to identify your specific style? It’s okay to be basic! With only a few items, you can take your kitchen from cookie cutter to cutting edge. If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in your cooking area, pack the sill with colored glassware. When the light hits, the pieces will throw beautiful reflections across your space. From vases to cups to tchotchke, thrift stores are absolutely packed with glassware at all times, so this should be an easy get. Elements of wood and/or wicker are also trending right now. That could be as simple as a wooden fruit bowl or woven placemats—also mainstays on the resale menu. Jars for your pastas, teas, and flour make for productive counter decor, while cutting board collections have both utility and sophistication. And always, always keep your eye out for anything copper (bonus points for a tea kettle!).

Go early, go often

It’s key to heed this bit of advice, specifically on deal days. It may be hard for you rookies to believe, but thrift stores—selling quite possibly the most affordable home goods known to mankind— actually hold regular half-off days. Volunteers of America hosts their sale on the last Tuesday of every month. Meanwhile, Salvation Army Family Stores throw the discount party every single Wednesday. Sneak out on your lunch break on these days (don’t tell your boss I sent you) because the good stuff never lasts long. In order to score all the happenin’-est finds though, it’s important to make thrifting part of your weekly schedule. No, I’m not trying to lure you into a double thrift intervention—it’s really the way to go! Turnover at resale shops is insanely high. And not only that, but thrifting is more popular now than ever due to people seeking more sustainable lifestyles (did you know the fashion industry’s carbon impact is bigger than the airline industry’s?). So, go on, give those unwanted items a new home while also giving your kitchen the TLC it so desperately needs.

Happy thrifting!

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614 Summer Road Trip: Skydiving, wake boarding, more in Butler County, OH




“Do you wanna go on a crazy adventure all over Butler County and do all sorts of crazy fun stuff?!” My editor spat out his words hurriedly. It was 8:45am.

“I think so?” I mumbled back.

“There will be ice cream…” he purred.

“I’m in,” I said instinctively. I have a habit of saying yes and I had been through Butler County a few times before, always having a great time. If he thought it was a good idea, I trusted him.

“So when do we wanna go? In a few weeks?”

“WE don’t go, just you,” he said. “And you’re skydiving. And you leave in 20 minutes.”

Like that, I was on the highway heading to Hamilton, OH, just 90 minutes southwest of Columbus. I pulled up to the stately Courtyard Marriott and admired the view. The hotel overlooks the Great Miami River, which cuts through the heart of beautiful downtown Hamilton, and it is every bit as exquisite on the inside as it appears from the exterior.

I stepped through the front doors and was immediately greeted by two extra-friendly receptionists. They handed me an itinerary but I was too nervous to peek inside.

The elevator carried me swiftly to the clean, spacious fifth floor room that I would call home for the next two days, although I unfortunately didn’t spend much time there. I dropped my bag and unfurled the tri-folded piece of paper that held my fate. Skydiving was the first activity on the list. The room was top-notch, but I had to go.

Before I could hurl myself out of a moving plane 14,000 feet above the surface of the planet, I knew I had to put something in my queasy stomach. I decided to go to Jungle Jim’s International Market, a wondrous bazaar of unusual sustenance carrying over 180,000 different edible items and almost seven acres of one-of-a-kind personality.

More amusement park than grocery store, Jim’s stocks foodstuffs from every country under the sun, if you can even look past the wild décor and animatronic mascots. They’ve got fresh-baked breads and desserts, to exotic meats and cheeses, unique candies and beverages, truly just about everything you could ever dream of stuffing in your face. Normally I would gravitate to the 1,400+ hot sauces, 4,000+ beers, or 12,000+ wines, but I figured drab would be the way to go before my jump. I grabbed some weird fruit, hot bread, and cheese I’d never heard of and hit the road. I’ll definitely be back to sample the really good stuff, and it will probably be a totally different experience. At least I used their award-winning ‘Best Bathrooms in America’ to empty my bladder before entering the stratosphere.

I had a thirty minute drive north to Start Skydiving in Middletown, OH, which I spent the entirety of thinking about my own mortality, especially when we passed the Butler County Coroner’s Office. As we got farther out of town the buildings peeled away, leaving just blue sky and green land. It was beautiful country, but all I could think about was plummeting quickly from one and forcibly into the other.

We pulled up to the facilities and I was immediately impressed, and relieved. Dozens of people milled around, packing parachutes, giving instructions, and high-fiving each other on successful jumps. Ranked the ‘#1 Drop Zone in the World’ (!), I could tell from the outset that I was in good hands. I do a lot of idiotic and reckless things, and suddenly I realized this might not even be the most dangerous thing I did today.


After signing in, I was escorted to an open hangar to be fitted for a jumpsuit and to meet the other people who would be diving with me. Since it was my first time, I would be completing, hopefully, a tandem jump, which meant there would be an experience professional on-hand to handle the important stuff. We’d also be accompanied by a videographer to document things, for better or worse.

I met my expert for the trip, Aaron, who had more than eight hundred jumps under his belt including four already that morning. He walked me through the process and answered all my questions, which alleviated my concerns. Until he was tightening up my harness and mumbled, “Won’t let anyone fall outta one of these…again.” Very personable, these guys.

We climbed into the small eight-person aircraft and lifted off towards the heavens. My heart pumped harder with each passing second as the reality of the situation set in. Then at 14,000 feet, the door slid open. My throat clenched as I peered into the abyss, and there was no possibility I was going through with it. Before I could protest, military-trained Aaron stood up with my puny 140lbs. hanging from him like a fanny pack and we jumped out of the freaking airplane.

The rush was unlike anything I had ever felt, smashing through clouds at 125 miles per hour as we hurtled nearly TWO MILES through the sky before Aaron pulled the rip chord. We glided through the warm afternoon air, still thousands of feet above the Earth, and surveyed miles and miles of land. Aaron had me pull down on yellow straps hanging from either side of the parachute, sending us spinning rapidly, and real life ceased to exist. It was a completely surreal experience and my stomach flutters just recalling it.

We gently thudded to the ground and I could barely stand up, the emotion of the experience still hung so heavy on my shoulders. We had survived, and I needed a beer.

Truly, if you’ve ever had the inclination to engage in this insanity, do it at Start Skydiving. And throw down the extra couple bucks to get photos and video, as I still go back and check them at least once a day to assure myself I lived through it.

I headed back to the hotel to change into my bathing suit, as I had a few hours of wake boarding up next, but I really thought a cold beer would do me some good after the incredible events of the morning. Luckily, not 30 yards from the Marriott was the perfect oasis…

Municipal Brew Works had everything I needed at the moment, a giant patio and a dozen delicious beers for me to drink on it. The staff were welcoming and let me try a handful of their options, all brewed on-site, before I selected. My favorites were the dark, chocolaty Midnight Cut Porter, the fruity Woltermelon Blonde and Center Of It Ale, and best of all the Free City Ale, but the beers are constantly rotating so I’ll definitely be back to see what future concoctions they’re offering.

After a little lubrication it was time for some wake boarding at Wake Nation, just four miles from the hotel. As a total novice to the sport, I was welcomed by the crew who helped me pick out just the right board, life vest and helmet, and sent out onto the practice pond to try my hand at things. Wake Nation runs a cable system to pull boarders, unlike the traditional boat-pulled method, so it’s very easy to get a quick handle on the basics and after just a few tries I was zipping along like a seasoned pro, even trying out some advanced techniques. I credit my trainer Trey, who quickly spotted my trouble areas and knew just how to correct my form.

After an hour on the practice pond we moved over to the larger lake for some knee boarding, a variation that doesn’t involve standing all the way up. The main cable system runs a little faster than the practice version, resulting in a couple solid wipe-outs, but that’s really part of the fun. Wake Nation, now under new management after nine years of operation, also offers a giant inflatable aqua-park with a giant trampoline for propelling yourself into the water, and will debuting a super-slide, restaurant and beer garden in 2018, so obviously I’ll be back to partake in all of those.

If action-packed water activities are your jam, this place really can’t be beat. An all-day lake pass is just $40, and they offer lessons and camps for those just getting started. Wake Nation also hosts contests and events for the more experienced, but I’ll need a few more trips around the practice pond before I give one of those a try.

For more information on the places I visited, click below!

Courtyard Marriott

Jungle Jim’s

Start Skydiving

Wake Nation

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