Did you snow? 6 FAQs about winter weather in Columbus answered

When you got into work today, we’re going to guess you spent a good 30 minutes complaining to your coworkers about your snowy commute. No judgement, we did too.

We’d also be willing to bet you were asking questions that no one knew the answers to. Below are answers to 6 of the most commonly asked questions in regards to winter weather in Columbus.


Is is illegal to drive during a Level 3 Snow Emergency?

“Those traveling on the roads [during a Level 3] may subject themselves to arrest.” –ODOT

Are homeowners legally obligated to shovel their sidewalks?

“As far as Ohio law goes, homeowners don’t have a legal obligation to shovel sidewalks due to a natural accumulation of snow and ice, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try to maintain them.” –Ohio Insurance Institute 
“Local municipalities may invoke snow removal ordinances. If your city or township has an ordinance that requires residents to keep walkways free of snow and ice, then you have a responsibility to maintain your sidewalks.” –Ohio Insurance Institute 

Why are all the streets around me plowed but not mine?

“The City follows a priority plowing strategy that clears priority 1, 2 and then 3 in that order.  Depending on your street type and those around you, the timing of snow removal may vary.” –City of Columbus


The truck plowed my street but there is still snow on it. Is there something wrong with the plow?

“No. In most cases the snow is “hard packed” in the residential areas and the plows do not scrape down to the pavement. The City’s goal is to make your street passable to traffic.” City of Columbus

Is warming up my car illegal?

“[Ohio law allows] Ohioans to leave their vehicles running and unattended if the vehicle is parked on residential property; the vehicle is locked, regardless of where it is parked; or if it’s an emergency or public safety vehicle. So, if you have a remote-starting vehicle, you’re safe to warm up your car. If you park on the street and don’t have remote start, that’s where you can run into problems with the law.” –Cincinnati.com

How much snow do I need to clean off my car before driving?

“Ohio law requires you remove all snow from your windows, but the roof, hood, and trunk aren’t included.” –Cleveland19


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