Illustrated by Sarah Moore

5 local restaurant mashups we desperately want to happen

The annual Hot Mikey’s Takeover pizza mashup is nearly upon us. Have you ever gotten the chance to experience the spicy chicken, pickle, and ranch-covered ‘za?

Our annual Hot Mikey's Takeover kickoff party wouldn't be the same without you. We're giving away two tickets for you…

Posted by Hot Chicken Takeover on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

While we love this standby alliance, we can’t help but dream about all the untapped collab potential we have in this city.

A media group can dream, right?

Momo Ghar + Ray Ray’s Hog Pit

BBQ beef brisket-stuff momos: Pan-fried, bulging with beef, swimming in spicy Momo sauce. It comes with a side of BBQ sauce because we can’t have you leaving the table without a sauce mustache.

Illustrated by Sarah Moore

Yellow Brick Pizza + C. Krueger

We want to get positively lost in a deep dish cookie pizza. Would you choose to pair your thick, doughy crust with a peanut butter, fudge cookie topping, double chocolate cookie topping, or good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie topping?

Illustrated by Sarah Moore


Buckeye Donuts + Dirty Franks

Picture this: Charred Beef Dog topped Picnic Table-style (baked beans, cabbage & carrot mustard slaw, relish, & crushed potato chips) inside a Maple Bacon Long John. Mhmm, honey.

Illustrated by Sarah Moore

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams + Wendy’s

We all know how good the Columbus-based fast food chain’s fry + Frosty combo is. But, we could do you one better with a Wendy’s fry-flavored Jeni’s ice cream. Chocolate base, savory and greasy potato flavor, with plenty of sea salt mixed in. Hell, we’d even throw a few Wendy’s fries on top! Dip on, Columbus.

Illustrated by Sarah Moore

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus + Condado Tacos

A sturdy Ju-Ju shell (soft four shell +hard corn shell + queso + chorizo) will haus your potato salad, hickory-smoked Bahama Mama, sauerkraut layers. It comes with a side of tortilla chips and potato pancakes so you can scoop up all the fallen goodies that spill out of your German taco.

Illustrated by Sarah Moore


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