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“Too many toys” not a problem for local Marvel collector

Mike Thomas



Known simply as “The Collector” to most, Taneleer Tivan is the Marvel Comics universe’s most prolific accumulator of stuff. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, where The Collector is played to perfection by Benicio del Toro in maximum weird mode, the character has everything from one of those now-famous infinity stones to a wisecracking anthropomorphic duck in his possession.

While he may lack talking waterfowl or a gem with the power to reshape reality as we know it, Wyatt Boggs has of one of the most impressive collections this side of the MCU. As a matter of fact, pieces from the Marvel universe account for around half of the collectables on display in Boggs’ office, which is practically bursting with pop culture goodness. Transformers, the classic vehicle-to-robot creations that have been a toy aisle staple since the 80s, make up most of the rest, along with various ephemera from classic horror films.

Photos: Brian Kaiser

(614) spoke with Boggs about what he looks for in a collectable, and where the haters can (respectfully) stick it.

(614): How did this collection get started?

WB: At the age of 11 or 12, I was sort of waiting to stop watching cartoons and stop playing with toys. I was waiting to get into sports like all the other kids, and that just never happened. I realized that this is just what I’m into, and it sort of snowballed. It’s been about 11 years of collecting now.

How would you categorize the things that make up this collection? Action figures, toys of all kinds…?

I would just say “collectables,” because I like action figures, but I also like replicas, 1:1-scale things, and anything like that. But it does mainly consist of action figures.

What was the first piece of this collection?

I don’t remember the first toys exactly, but I remember the first toy that I got that I looked at and said, “I want to collect more of these,” and that was an Optimus Prime figure from the first Transformers movie in 2007. I got that and was just really enamored with it and knew I wanted a lot more.


What criteria do you consider when adding to the collection?

When it comes to Marvel, I try to keep it to [characters] I know. There are thousands upon thousands of Marvel characters out there, and I don’t know every single one of them. I try to keep it to the characters that I recognize and am invested in. When it comes to Transformers, there are figures that actually transform, there are high-end statues that don’t transform, and others. For myself, the non-transforming things—while I think they’re great pieces—I’m not into those, because I like the technical aspect of the transforming. If it’s a Transformer, I want it to actually transform.

What do you consider to be the “crown jewel” of the collection?

The crown jewel is my one-to-one scale “Good Guy” doll from Child’s Play. I’ve been a huge fan of Chucky for about 12 years now. I’d always wanted one of those, and a company finally made it available last year.

The thing that’s always confused me is that Chucky is a toy, but there’s never been a very good 1:1 scale replica—an “actual” Chucky doll. I always wanted one that was legitimate, that looked like it came out of the movie. That’s what this one finally is. It feels like a grail, to have finally tracked it down and to be able to put it on my shelf or hold it. There’s catharsis of finally owning that replica that I’ve been wanting for a really long time.

Do you ever come across haters with a collection like this? How do you respond to negativity?

If I’m in a toy store and someone walks past and scoffs, I don’t care. The way I look at it, at the end of the day—it’s not meth. I’m not hurting anybody, and it’s something that makes me happy. I buy merchandise the same way that others do with anything they’re into, be it movies or sports. That’s all I’m doing, investing into a hobby.

The thing that I would want people to know about me, or about anybody who’s into this sort of thing, is that people are into what they’re into. Just accept people for who they are and for what they enjoy. I think it’s important that people get out and express themselves, and have the freedom to do so. Let people be themselves—that’s all I’ve ever tried to do.

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A Day In Delaware: Horse racing, kayaking, food trucks, cocktails

Mitch Hooper



It's horse racing season in Delaware at the Little Brown Jug and that means two things: you're either about to lose, or currently losing.

The beloved horse racing at Little Brown Jug, affectionately known as LBJ, kicked off on Sunday and will run until Thursday. If you're looking to get in on the action, here is where you can buy tickets.

But, if you've already spent all your gambling money and just need a break from the horses, there are plenty of alternatives available in Delaware. Here are three spots to keep in mind as you explore our not-so-distant neighbor to the north.

Kayaking at Alum Creek

Whether you hit it big on your bet, or lost it all in the first race, Alum Creek is perfect because it's free. While the views on the walking trails are great, the views from a kayak are even better. The water there is very calm with the exception of a boat passing through every once in a while making it a nice spot for beginners.

And if you're a veteran on the water, the lake is relatively large meaning you can make an entire day out of it. I recommend packing a cooler with some picnic food—peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, string cheese with crackers, and some fresh fruit—and making pit stops at some of the beaches right off the lake. And, just so I can say I told you so, leave your phone in the car, or in a water proof bag.

Dinner At The Food Truck Depot

The Food Truck Depot is a relatively new eatery and bar in Delaware and it's sure to have something for everyone. If you, or someone you're with, is a vegetarian/vegan, Encompass Eatery is a familiar face at the Food Truck Depot and they offer plant-based dishes such as a grilled caprese sandwich, or straight up carnivorous sandwiches like the hearty roast beef sandwich. Other food trucks that have made appearances include Tortilla, Red Door BBQ, and Deja Food. Also at the Food Truck Depot is a full service bar with craft selections and cocktails as well as a large sand volleyball court if you need to burn some calories.

Drinks On Sandusky St.

Delaware is absolutely loaded with options when it comes to drinking in the evening. Looking to taste some bourbon and whiskey? Check out Opa Grill And Tavern which boasts the largest bourbon selection in Ohio. Or perhaps you're more of a beer person (you are from Columbus after all). Barley Hopsters is a beer lovers heaven as it offers large coolers stocked with local, regional, and national craft beers. Build a six-pack to take home, or sip on your beer of choice while you ponder your next option.

Not too far from Barley Hopsters is Restoration Brew Worx which offers a variety of their in-house brews. And if you're looking for an elevated cocktail, 1808 American Bistro is on 29 E. Winter St—just a stone's throw away from Sandusky St. On the flip side, if you're just looking for a dive bar to call home for the evening, The Backstretch will have you covered with cans of PBRs and Tullamore Dew.

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9 festivals for you to fall in love with this weekend

Mitch Hooper



Summer may be rounding out, but there are still so many ways to fest outside. From vintage good fairs to rock climbing at the Scioto Audubon, here are the festivals taking place this weekend in the city.

Sept. 12-15 | Scioto Fest | Scioto Audubon Metro Park

This four-day festival is for those with an affinity for the outdoors. Here, adrenaline junkies will find rock climbing and bouldering while land lovers can enjoy camping, music, and all the food offerings.

Sept. 12-14 | Creative Control Fest 8 | Lincoln Theatre

In its eighth year, the Creative Control Fest is back to raise up and celebrate creatives of color from around the midwest. Hang out and learn useful information at one of the many workshops, or get your mind right at one of the wellness activities designed for creatives from a variety of different industries.

Sept. 13-14 | 934 Fest 2019 | 934 Gallery

In a celebration of the art scene here in Columbus, 934 Gallery is opening its doors for two-days this weekend featuring art from Lucie Shearer and Andy Meyer. Additionally, the festival will play host to two music stages, a comedy stage, local artist vendors, food trucks, craft beer, and plenty of activities for your young Picasso.

Sept. 13-15 | Country Living Fair | Ohio Historical Village

Calling all flea market fans and garage sale experts, this is your chance to splurge! This three-day fair offers more than 200 vendors from across different states selling vintage and handcrafted goods as well as antiques. Stop by one of the how-to sessions, or simply fill up your Pinterest mood board with loads of ideas.

Sept. 13-14 | Columbus Caribbean Festival | The Scioto Mile

In its third year, the Columbus Caribbean Festival has returned to The Scioto Mile for two days of live music, delicious island-inspired food and drinks including Taste Of Kingston and The Gumbo Dude Food Truck, and a parade. The music lineup includes Pete Funk, BAND AMANIAUZURI, and The Flex Crew.

Sept. 13-15 | 2019 Grandview Oktoberfest | Hofbrauhaus Columbus (Grandview)

Another weekend in September, another chance to celebrate the German Oktoberfest! This time around it's at Hofbrauhaus where live entertainment will clash with German food and bier as well as activities for little ones. Friday will feature WCOL-FM from 6pm- 8pm, while Saturday will host a face painter and balloon artists from 2pm- 6pm. And if you couldn't make it to the face painter on Saturday, they will return on Sunday from 1pm- 4pm in addition to a magician.

Sept. 14 | Crafted Food, Beer & Music Festival | Columbus Commons

From farm-to-table-to-festival, the Crafted Food, Beer & Music Festival brings nine different Columbus restaurants together to showcase their offerings. For $15, you can enjoy live music from George Barrie Band and The Floorwalkers, stuff your face, and know that you're doing some civic good as a portion of proceeds will benefit Freedom a la Cart, an organization providing paid workforce training and supportive services to survivors of human trafficking.

Sept. 14 | Oktoberfest Party | Wolf's Ridge Brewing

Wolf's Ridge is getting in on the Oktoberfest action and on Saturday you can find brats, spaetzle, and of course, WRB's very own Oktoberfest bier. If you really want to feel the Oktoberfest vibes, purchase a $14 stein and hoist it high!

Sept. 14 | Old Hilliardfest | Main St. in Old Hilliard

This street fair takes place in Old Hilliard where visitors can explore car shows and sunflower shows as well as all the fixings of most festivals: live music, food, and activities for kids at the kid's fair. Support local, and have fun while doing so!

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Let’s play FREE ball! Clippers weekend win means more dime-a-dogs

Mike Thomas



Over the weekend, our Columbus Clippers topped the Gwinnett Stripers to clinch the series, earning them a spot in the Governors' Cup Finals!

Games 1 and 2 of the Governors' Cup Finals best-of-5 series against the Durham Bulls will be played at Huntington Park on September 10 and September 11. Both games will start at 6:35pm, gates open at 5:30pm.

As if that weren't enough to entice you, all games in the first round will be dime-a-dog! 

Tickets for Games 1 and 2 are FREE! They will be available beginning Monday at 10am via Ticketmaster (no fees!), by calling 614-462-2757, or by stopping by either our Administrative Offices from 10am-4pm or the CF Box Office on the corner of Neil and Nationwide from 10am-2pm.

Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, with a limit of four per order. For more information including the complete playoff schedule, click here.
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