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Forbes highlights “revolutionary” Columbus-based app

Forbes highlights “revolutionary” Columbus-based app

Regina Fox

A new app out of Columbus, Ohio is getting the Forbes treatment for its “revolutionary” ability to help people with cognitive disabilities use public transportation.

Wayfinder is a new app sponsored by the Mobility Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities (MAPCD) study in collaboration with Ohio State University, Smart Columbus, and COTA.

According to Ohio State University, Wayfinder allows the user to interact with customized, step-by-step instructions for walking, driving, or bus routes created to support their ability to commute within their normal daily life contexts.


According to Mayor Ginther, “the goal of the app is to get participants from point A to point B safely using the bus, making it easier to independently travel to the grocery store or get to work on time.”


Wayfinder is currently in its trial mode with 25 participants with cognitive disabilities and their caregivers. After a year, the app will become available for anyone in need.

To read the full Forbes write-up, click here.

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