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Mount Carmel doc accused of leading 27 fentanyl deaths, families sue

Kelsey Lawrence



Mount Carmel Health Systems released a statement Monday revealing that an intensive-care unit doctor, Dr.William Husel, was found to have administered potentially lethal doses of fentanyl to 27 near-death patients between 2015 and 2018.

Mount Carmel CEO Edward Lamb announced that these findings were a result of an investigation launched against Husel, the results of which have been turned over to authorities.

Husel has since been fired.

Additionally, 20 hospital staff members have been suspended while additional investigations continue.

News of the investigation came after a lawsuit was filed earlier that day against Husel, a nurse, and a pharmacist in the death of  79-year-old Janet Kavanaugh, who received a lethal dose of fentanyl from Husel in 2017.


Another lawsuit was filed against Mount Carmel Health Systems, Dr. William Husel regarding the 2018 death of Bonnie Austin.

According to 10TV, the suit accuses Husel of ordering that 600 micrograms of fentanyl be administered to Austin after she was transported to Mount Carmel West hospital on September 30, 2018 for a collapsed lung.

Allegedly, he then told her husband that she was brain dead.

“This excessive dosage was grossly inappropriate given Bonnie Austin’s condition and was either ordered negligently and not properly reviewed or was intentionally prescribed by Dr. Husel for the purpose of ending Bonnie Austin’s life,” the lawsuit states, per 10TV.

Lamb states that Mount Carmel takes full responsibility for the fact that the procedures in place were insufficient for preventing these events from occurring and they are making sure to gain full understanding of these cases to ensure that they don’t happen again.

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2 recent attempted abduction reports raise human trafficking concerns

614now Staff



Two recent police reports have local families questioning whether they had a brush with human traffickers.

The first incident involved 18-year-old Kennedy Stokes, who said she and her cousin were approached by two men at a Walmart on November 21, reports 10TV. Stokes said the men tried talking to them several times and felt they were following them.

The next day, Strokes was experiencing car problems on her way home. She made it to the entrance of her apartment complex and got out to check under the hood. That's when a man approached and began grabbing at her.

Stokes noted he was wearing gloves and appeared to have a box cutter in his hand, reports 10TV. She was able to escape his grasp and suffered scratches on her chest.

Stokes believes it was one of the men from Walmart.

The second incident happened 14 miles away at a UDF on Indianola on the same day Stokes said she was attacked, reports 10TV.

A mother and her 12-year-old son were filling up at the gas station. She then went inside to pay, leaving her son in the locked vehicle.

When she returned, she said her son was visibly shaken up. He told her a man was yanking on the door handle, trying to get inside the vehicle. According to 10TV, the man didn't say anything, he only looked inside at the boy.

A security camera captured the incident, and police are currently reviewing the footage.

Both incidents have those involved wondering if they narrowly escaped a case of human trafficking. 10TV reports police are investigating both reports, including identification of suspects and motives.

For more on human trafficking, visit

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Man charged with killing wife in 13th OVI offense

Regina Fox



A Central Ohio man is facing vehicular homicide charges after police say he committed his 13th OVI offense.

Robert Ellis, 53, was arrested and charged Tuesday after the October 16 crash in Prairie Township that killed his wife Dawn.

Ellis claimed he was not to blame for the accident, telling reporters another car went left of center, which caused him to lose control and crash into a pole. Investigators, however, say Ellis was at fault.

The accident marked his 13th OVI offense. Ellis maintains that he was not intoxicated during the time of the crash. He even told ABC on a phone call that he had only two beers at lunch.

An arraignment had yet to be set.

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Learn more about bizarre disappearance of Brian Shaffer

Regina Fox



"Brian Shaffer was supposed to be enjoying a night out with friends on April 1, 2006. Instead, he vanished. 13 years later, the mystery of what happened that night still endures."

That's the description for Crime Junkie Podcast's newest episode. The installment focuses on second-year Ohio State medical student Brian Shaffer, whose disappearance has left his family, friends, and the entire community baffled for over a decade.

Listen below.

To read more about Brian Shaffer's disappearance, click here. To read different theories about what could've happened to him, check out the Podcast Junkie Fan Club page. To view Brian's MySpace, click here.

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