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VIDEO: “Bumbling criminals” break into Gahanna security store

VIDEO: “Bumbling criminals” break into Gahanna security store

Regina Fox

A local security system shop is recovering after thieves made off with several hundred dollars worth of merchandise over the weekend, but not without some blundering.

According to NBC4i, two men backed a white pickup truck through the rear door of Southwest Automated Security located on Claycraft Road in Gahanna around 3am Sunday. The impact of the truck hitting the garage door, and the forklift parked just inside, sent dust and debris flying through the warehouse, which can be seen on the surveillance video.


The men can be seen exiting the vehicle and making their way through the warehouse, one tripping and almost falling into a pile of boxes.

“The video is kind of comical,” branch manager Ryan Hanna told NBC4i. “It does stink we got broke into, but these guys, just the way they did it, they were just bumbling criminals.”

After aimlessly running through the front of the store, the thieves were caught on camera grabbing boxes from the warehouse. It’s estimated they stole anywhere from $500- $1,200 worth of merchandise.

So far, police have not made any arrests.

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