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Video: Disc golfers, tiny dog vs. Agitated deer in local metro park

Mike Thomas



According to a post on the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks Facebook page, couple of disc golfers got more than they bargained for when an agitated deer interrupted their outing:

Nice try, lil dog.

If you’re planning a visit to one of the area’s many great metro parks, keep your wits about you. And remember, while a frisbee makes an effective self-defense accessory in a pinch, it might be better to simply tuck tail and run. Those deer hoofs look sharp!

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Tigertree going touchless with online shopping thanks to COVID-19




Tigertree announced on Tuesday that it would be closing its storefront in the Short North. (Photo by Julian Foglietti)

Tigertree, a Short North gift shop owned by married couple Josh and Nikki Quinn, announced with a Facebook post and letter on Tigertree’s website Thursday morning that it would be closing its doors after 14 years and moving online.

“If you don't want to lose more places like Tigertree please wear a mask and make sure everyone around you is wearing one too,”

Josh Quinn, co-owner of Tigertree

“If you don't want to lose more places like Tigertree please wear a mask and make sure everyone around you is wearing one too,” Josh said in a statement. 

Tigertree’s decade-plus of success in the Short North started in 2007, when its owners opened a storefront on Brickle St.—it was the same year the couple said, “I do.” Growing faster than expected, Tigertree moved to High St. the following year. 

2011 was the big year for Tigertree: it moved to its largest location yet at 787 N. High St. and opened a children’s store, Cub Shrub, in Grandview. 

Cub Shrub confirmed in a comment to (614) that it is not planning on closing its storefront at this time, stating that it is “well suited for the shifts needed to operate in this climate.”

Tigertree, however, offers a more hands-on shopping experience. The owners designed the store as a way for guests to spend time discovering a well-curated collection of quirky possessions. High-touch surfaces have been a hot-button issue in regards to the spread of COVID-19.

Josh was hopeful in his letter that he and his wife can deliver the “best gift store on the Internet.” Tigertree does have plans to reopen a brick and mortar location sometime in the future.

Starting today, all Tigertree apparel will be discounted by 10 percent. You can use the code ByeStore10 if you are shopping online. Use the discount code TAKE25 to take off an additional 25 percent.

For those wanting to shop in person while the store is still in business, the owners are asking customers to come in one at a time (or in groups of five) and to sign up ahead of time here. There are currently shopping dates available on July 16, 17, 18, and 21.

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DeWine stalls, strongly encourages Ohioans to wear masks




In what seemed like a Groundhog Day series of press conferences being held with almost no new information, Wednesday evening’s briefing may have taken the cake.

On Tuesday, Gov. Mike DeWine canceled a COVID-19 update to the state of Ohio and instead called a press conference for Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. to address the state of Ohio regarding the “recent increases and spread in coronavirus cases.” 

While many expected an update on the mask mandate or even speculated a second statewide lockdown would be mandated, no new orders were announced during DeWine’s address. Despite speculation, it is not surprising that another lockdown was not ordered as doing so would threaten the state’s economy and unemployment rates. 

State budgets are being cut at alarming rates, causing a trickle-down effect in multiple sectors, while unemployment funds are reaching insolvency. The state would be hard-pressed to bear another lockdown at this point.

Additionally, COVID-19 and quarantine fatigue has set in as many Ohioans are experiencing heightened stress and anxiety, even panic attacks. The CDC has released guidelines specifically dealing with stress related to COVID-19 and quarantine. You can read them here.

DeWine did, however, greatly encourage everyone in Ohio to wear a facial covering over the next four to six weeks and signaled multiple times that Ohio is at “the most critical point”, and is headed down a dangerous path, much like the other states reporting spikes in COVID-19 cases such as in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. Recently in Florida, the sunshine state reported a single-day high of 15,300 new cases. Arizona reported 3,400. 

“I will take whatever action necessary to protect the people of the state of Ohio,” DeWine said.

At the time of publication, 3,075 Ohioans have died due to COVID-19. DeWine also mentioned that currently, 1,027 Ohioans are in the hospital due to COVID-19, with 316 in intensive care and 146 on ventilators. 

Ohio has reached a state record of over 1,500 single-day cases reported this week, following the April and May peak of just over 1,100 cases reported; but the number of cases per day has not yet reached the pandemic levels observed in Florida.

Influenza, which has often been compared to the symptoms and onset of COVID-19, hospitalizes an estimated 200,000 people each year in the U.S., according to the Ohio Department of Health website. On average, the site says it is estimated that there are more than 20,000 flu-related deaths annually. Since the first case in the United States was confirmed Jan. 21, COVID-19 has affected nearly 3.5 million Americans and caused 138,000 deaths.

DeWine also read a passage from the heavily-quoted book The Great Influenza by John Barry, which warned the world that “this is our second chance. We won’t get a third. If we don’t get the growth of this pandemic under control [before winter, it will be a] disaster that dwarfs the situation today.”

While no new measures were announced, DeWine said any future orders would be a “discussion for another time.” DeWine applauded initial efforts by Ohioans to flatten the curve.

An 87% increase in testing is a factor in why more cases are being recorded, but increased testing alone does not explain the nearly 200% increase in the number of new cases that DeWine mentioned in his briefing.

The COVID-19 situation has been evolving rapidly over the past few weeks. An alert map was created to instruct those at risk of high levels of COVID-19 exposure to follow mask-wearing mandates. No updates to the alert map were made on Wednesday during DeWine’s briefing.

Do you think a second lockdown is imminent? Will a stricter statewide mask mandate be ordered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Gov. Mike DeWine to deliver address on COVID-19 spike




Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has called a press conference for 5:30 p.m. to discuss the recent uptick of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the state. 

DeWine canceled his typical Tuesday afternoon press conference only hours before it was to be held, then sent out a release informing the media of the Wednesday evening briefing, during which he said he would talk about the "current state of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent increases in cases and virus spread."

Right now the three-week average in Ohio is 1,041 cases, 80 hospitalizations, and 16 deaths for every 21 days due to the disease, according to the Department of Health

Tuesday, five people in Ohio died, including an unnamed Franklin county boy, who had yet to reach age 20. 

Franklin is one of 12 counties where it’s currently required for people out in public to wear a mask

Meanwhile, people who are traveling from Ohio to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are being asked to quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival. 

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