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August 2019

August 2019

614now Staff

Like other months, we’re waist-, nay, shoulder-deep in responsibilities. But, unlike other months, we shelved our adult selves to eat, drink, play, and collect like much younger versions of ourselves.

This August, we encourage you to change your lens on the city and enjoy it from the perspective of a tike, a toddler, a tiny person. We tell you where you can find your favorite childhood dish: hotdog octopus in a macaroni sea. We adventure through the woods (just at a tad higher speed than when you were a youngin). We even take you into a bedroom where there’s no such thing as too many toys.

Don your play clothes, Columbus, we’re acting like kids this month.

In the issue:

  • An Adult’s Guide to Playing Young
  • August Festival Preview
  • All Things Thurber
  • Flytown Records Lands in Columbus
  • An RSVP to Roys Supper Club
  • The Global Grocery at Saraga
  • The Family Fun Guide
  • Fall Weekend Getaways

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