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April 2019

April 2019


This month marks the 10th Anniversary of this little thing we call (614) Magazine. We’ll revisit some of the high and lows over the past decade but boy how time flies! Being April, it’s also time for our biannual Fit edition featuring guest influencer Addie Woost… plus cute animals – lots of animals.

  • Guest influencer: Addie Woost
  • Brooke Sousa: Suburban She Hulk
  • A decade of (614) in review
  • A kaleidoscope of fitness
  • Bringing the zoo to you
  • The sport of swordplay. Seriously.
  • Home: it’s easy being green
  • Maker’s Space: Kaleigh and Claire
  • Gallery Space: Albert Gray
  • Interview: Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander
  • Smarty pants? Inside Bar Trivia nights
  • In Beer We Trust

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