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Best Dogs and Brats

Best Dogs and Brats

614now Staff

Dirty Frank’s

42.7% of 13,216 votes

When it comes to dogs in the city, there’s no better spot than Dirty Frank’s. The menu offers dogs, brats, Italian sausages as well as vegetarian dogs, vegan brats, and vegan Italian sausages making it have options for everyone. But this isn’t your typical hot dog place. Their dogs come fully loaded in a variety of options, plus you have the chance to create your very own creations on a bun. Or, if you’re more of a plain Jane, you can elevate your experience by having your birthday suit dog (a plain hot dog) ripped (fried in butter) or charred (split and grilled).

248 S Fourth St |

2:  Schmidt’s 26.8%

3: The Thurman Cafe 6.2%


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