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Summer 2019

Summer 2019

614now Staff

Summer is filled with graduations, weddings, and festivals. They’re all filled with fun and spectacle and purpose. But, isn’t creating a moment of magic with a blanket, a perfectly-built charcuterie board, and a glistening arrangement of sliced fruit a grand enough occasion unto itself? Don’t put your dream picnic on hold until you have a “reason” to have one. And as you flip though the gorgeous images of this issue that capture the delights of summer fare at its most optimal, allow inspiration to take over and next, put a plan in place.

This summer, don’t let anyone steal your moment. Go out of your way, and take a picnic all by yourself if you have to. We won’t tell anyone.

In this issue:

  • Beer and Tarot
  • Bourbon by the Barrel
  • Return of Hilltop Lager
  • Hot Days, Cold Brews
  • Cocktail Cool Off
  • The Art of a Picnic
  • We’re Talkin’ Tacos
  • The Most Seasonal Meal of the Day
  • Off-The-Eaten Menu
  • Frozen Roadside Delights
  • Summer Sidekicks
  • Food Truckin’
  • A Little Bit of Everything at Blystone Farm

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