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Cabin Fever: Enjoy a big getaway in a tiny cabin in Lisbon




What exactly is getting away in 2019? It could be a few days off work, or an hour spent buried in a good book or a video game, or any number of things. The key to it all is simple: finding some time between the chaos of everyday life to disconnect, relax and recharge. The execution, however, is complicated.

Getaway Cabins has a different idea of ‘getting away’ they want you to consider, and it’s an idea abound with coziness, seclusion and nature. Add equal parts minimalism and essentialism, a healthy dose of wildlife and seclusion, and take away all the wifi, and you’ll start to get an idea of what Getaway has to offer.

Photos: Brian Kaiser

As a big fan of anything with some comfortable isolation, I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I learned about Getaway’s foray into the Northeastern Ohio village of Lisbon. Lisbon is about halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and this venture is actually branded as a getaway from those two cities, but if you’re up for a drive (two and a half hours, if you drive fast), Getaway can provide you with an experience unlike any other.

“We offer our guests a mindful way to escape to nature,” said Amy Jacobowitz, Getaway Cabins’ head of content. “None of the cabins have wifi and never will, to reinforce the intention of taking a break—not just from the city but from devices and all of the ways in which we are always on.”

The cabins Getaway offers are built like small storage units—perfect for living out your miniature home dreams for a weekend, and one of the walls features a window big enough to make you feel like you’re waking up among the trees each morning. Getaway goes through the hassle of providing guests with some basic items—like shampoo, seasoning for food, a picnic table—specifically so you can pack light and live like a true mountain man (who also likes wearing cozy socks).


“We think about it less as minimalism and more as essentialism,” Jacobowitz said. “What do we really need to give our guests in order for them to unlock their best experiences?”

(Image provided)

And the things they give to provide the best experiences are essential for the experience. You get your basic necessities—a bed, a bathroom, a hot shower—but you also get a firepit with a grate for grilling (I might also suggest bringing a cast-iron skillet!) and a giant window so every time you wake up you can take in the beauty of nature around you again.

While Jacobowitz said they’ve never gotten a request for a “spooky, cozy getaway,” Getaway provides great tips and resources for guests to get the most out of the experience, like nearby farms to go apple picking and a journal full of thematic recipes to get you in the right mindset to be away from everything for awhile. The entire experience is curated to let you connect to nature and fully immerse yourself in the outdoors.

One of the biggest selling points for this place is that you get enough seclusion from the hustling city but not so much that you can’t reasonably find human contact. You can see your neighbors’ cabins from your door and you’ll probably bump into them occasionally while you’re out hiking the trail, but there’s no shortage of personal space around here.

Getaway Cabins might not be everyone’s ideal version of a getaway—and certainly not all the time. Sometimes, a video game and six hours of watching videos on YouTube gives me the release I need. But if you’re looking to get further away, and to redefine what getting away can mean for you, Getaway Cabins is a great place to start.

To book your next vacation with Getaway Cabins, visit

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Cedar Point, Kings Island are suing to get you back




It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? Columbus Zoo & Aquarium are allowed to re-open but Cedar Point and Kings Island have been snubbed in Gov. Mike DeWine’s most recent announcement that Ohio’s entertainment venues were allowed to re-open.

After being left out of the party, Cedar Point, Kalahari Resort and Kings Island sued the director of the Ohio Department of Health Thursday, arguing that Dr. Amy Acton doesn’t have the authority to keep the state’s amusement parks and waterparks shut down and in doing so is violating the park’s rights.

The lawsuit was brought by attorney Maurice Thompson, executive director of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. The county health departments for both parks were also named in the lawsuit.

No word yet from the Ohio Department of Health as to when, or if, either amusement park will be allowed to open in June.

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Updated hours for North Market as first Farmers’ Market of the season opens Saturday




Get excited Columbus foodies - this Saturday marks the beginning of North Market’s Farmers’ Market season! The Farmers’ Market will tantalize your taste buds every Saturday this summer through October, from 8 a.m. until noon at the North Market outdoor plaza at 59 Spruce Street.

During the coronavirus pandemic, North Market provided customers with fresh pick-up bundles. Now they’ve updated their operating hours to give consumers who want to shop again a chance to pick their own culinary delights.

"The hope is that a gradual reopening will strike a balance between the desire to serve the public and still respect the very real health concerns still shared by merchants, public, and staff," said Rick Harrison Wolfe, North Market's executive director, in a press release Thursday.

The updated hours, which will go into effect this Sat., June 6, are as follows:

  • Monday - Tuesday: closed
  • Wednesday - Friday, Sunday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

All of those in attendance will have to observe the following guidelines as outlined in a press release by North Market:

  • North Market's mask requirement that applies to indoor merchants and guests will also apply to all outdoor vendors and guests.
  • Access to each farmers' market booth will be limited. Markings on ground will indicate this requirement and will show the distance required between people. Only one person/group traveling together may be in each box at a time.
  • Several farms and vendors will offer contact-free shopping and pre-orders. North Market asks that guests pre-order and plan out shopping trips when possible. This helps keep crowds to a minimum and lines moving smoothly.
  • Farms and vendors will provide hand sanitizer for guest use.
  • North Market farms and vendors are committed to helping prevent the spread of illness by washing hands frequently, covering coughs/sneezes, staying home when sick, and avoiding exposure to others who are sick. We ask that all guests follow the same protocols and do not visit North Market or the Farmers' Market if feeling ill.
  • North Market farms and vendors will continue to strictly follow all local public health guidelines, safety protocols, and best practices.

If you’re interested in which merchants will be open on what days, North Market has been dedicated to providing you with that information during the pandemic. You can find the list, which is updated daily, here.

Although there are still limitations on indoor seating, outdoor seating on the porch and the farmers’ market plaza are currently available.

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Weekend Getaway: Ohio State Park lodges reopen




Cooped up inside of our homes for the past few months, everyone could use a change of scenery. Luckily for those that love the great outdoors of Ohio, the perfect getaway is now possible once again.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources announced on May 28 that all nine Ohio State Park lodges would be reopened by June 5.

The places where you can escape to are listed below in order of closest proximity to Columbus to furthest:

  • Deer Creek
  • Burr Oak
  • Mohican Lodge
  • Salt Fork Lodge
  • Shawnee 
  • Hueston Woods
  • Maumee Bay
  • Punderson Manor

Director of State Park Lodges Tom Arvan had this to say in the May 28 press release:

“Our staff has been working diligently to ensure that guests return to a safe and sanitized environment following the CDC safety guidelines. Our goal is for our guests to feel comfortable as they enjoy the fun activities and relax in the natural beauty of the lodges and all the state parks have to offer this summer.”

Visit to secure your much-needed wilderness adventure today.

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