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Bubble tea, Chinese street food spot in Clintonville will be your next obsession

Bubble tea, Chinese street food spot in Clintonville will be your next obsession

614now Staff

R.I.P Momo2.

Anyone who’s lived in Columbus long enough may share my fond memories the bubble tea-and-bowling gem at University Village. I’d travel back home from college to join my friends at Ohio State for bowling or karaoke, scanning the aisles filled with an excess of Hello Kitty merchandise, and of course, enjoying a tasty bubble tea. I’d never had one before, and I was instantly hooked.

When Momo2 closed, it left a boba-shaped hole in my heart.

Luckily, Columbus boasts its fair share of restaurants and cafes of the tapioca ball-filled goodness. One of the latest shop to specialize in bubble tea is Fairy Ville (2899 N High St.), a new, brightly decorated bubble tea and authentic Chinese street food joint in Clintonville.

While bubble tea is their thing, they also sell fruit juices and fruit teas, milk caps, and an array of authentic Chinese street food, including egg puff waffles. I ordered the Jasmine Milk Tea and while waiting, I was offered my choice out of an array of Chinese snacks: chocolate cups with biscuit sticks, Sachima (basically a Chinese Rice Krispies Treat), and many others.


The bubble tea was perfect; the flavor of the jasmine tea blended smoothly with the milk, and of course the chewy boba. I also tried the Mango Jasmine Tea Slush, which had a hint of jasmine flavor beneath the frozen mango concoction, the perfect drink for a hot summer day.

Not only was the decor quaint and fairy-like, with a painted mural and fairy candles on the tables, but they were also showing a Dota 2 tournament on the big screen, which any gamer can appreciate. It was like an alternative coffee house: a tea shop, with games, manga, and Chinese candy.

Turns out, Clintonville has more than one spot for bubble tea. Cornerstone Deli & Cafe sports a modest bubble tea selection amid their bagel sandwiches, salads, and sushi bowls.

My absolute favorite is their Honey Dew Bubble Tea, which is the perfect amount of sweetness for a tea. And if you prefer to order a bubble tea while waiting on scrumptious Chinese food, you might check out the newly-renovated Lucky Dragon Chinese Restaurant.

The Original Milk Tea is a perfect pair to an order of the orange chicken or fried rice.

If you’ve been a fan of bubble tea for awhile, you probably know about Bubbles Tea & Juice, a long-standing staple of the North Market that specializes in bubble tea, smoothies, and cold-pressed juices.

If you like options when it comes to flavor, this is your bubble tea joint. They have the traditional milk or plain teas, but in a variety of flavors from fruits to coffee to chai. My personal favorite is the Thai Milk Tea, which blends two of the best types of tea, Thai iced tea and bubble tea.

Whether you’re looking for a classic milk tea or have never given those weird, chewy balls in a beverage a chance, Columbus has a place for every fix. Bounce around to find the right bubbles for you.

Fairy Ville is located at 2899 N High St Columbus. For more information, check out their Instagram page.


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