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Hollywood Romance

Hollywood Romance

614now Staff

A couple’s engagement photos often reflect something specific about them—sometimes they’re posed with horses, other times at the Horseshoe. (And it also seems that couples really like leaves). For Colleen Dunne and Stephen Woosley—they decided to make a scene.

The newlyweds, regular performers at MadLab Theatre, decided to make their own love story—framed around some of the most famous moments in cinematic couple history.


Theatrical, yes. Dramatic … no. The couple who “tries not to take themselves too seriously,” got married in a 10-minute ceremony at Ethel’s Bar (“reception” at Jimmy V’s) and then had their playwright friends write out versions of their vows and acted them out.

Plus, thanks to cheeky cheap Photoshop edits, the couple was able to keep their project extra simple and silly; recreating a scene from Ghost in their case, meant doing so without creeping out folks at the arts center—or getting clay in parts unknown.

Two people who love each other—and getting goofy—this much, had to get an second screening in (614). Here’s looking at you, Colleen:

Did you fight over which ones to choose? No, we had a list of possibilities, and it came down to the ones we could most easily gather the costumes/props to recreate. Stephen is still sad we didn’t do Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but he’s coping.

What’s your favorite RomCom? Mine might be Return to Me—mostly because I’m crazy about David Duchovny, and because it makes me laugh and cry and feel all the feels.

What are your thoughts on traditional engagement photo sessions? I think they are beautiful and (usually) classy and if they fit the couple, good for them. They just weren’t a good fit for us. Well, for me. Stephen’s a much better model than I am.

If you had to give your marriage a title and subtitle, what would they be? DoozleyPaloozla: The Tour Goes On. “DoozleyPaloozla” was the name of the party we had for our friends/family instead of a wedding reception.

If you two have starring roles, who is the director? Supporting actors? The director is our cat, Chloe. She is completely in charge of us and our home—the best boy is always our friend Casey, who we’ve “adopted” as a member of our little family. Supporting actors would include all of our friends—most of whom are conveniently actors, and all of whom are very supportive.

Is there anything in the course of your engagement, ceremony, etc. that you were serious about that you wish you hadn’t taken so seriously? Vice-versa? We didn’t take much seriously, except the legalities. I wish I had gone cake tasting. We didn’t buy a wedding cake, and I totally missed my chance to eat all that cake for free. That’s probably my biggest regret.


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