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Devin and Kelley

Devin and Kelley

614now Staff

Imagine being able to forgo the shopping, measuring, and altering and instead creating your dream dress beginning with your imagination. For Kelley, a wedding dress designer, the big day was an opportunity to do just that. Starting with a piece of lace fabric she sourced, Kelley spent an estimated 200 hours constructing her part-floral, part-geometric gown from silk crepe, inspired by elements of various dresses she liked.

“I will say I also played with the total opposite idea of what my gown looked like—something full and poofy. This idea was recycled and ended up being what the flower girl wore,” said Kelley, who (of course) made her flower girl’s adorable dress as well.

Devin and Kelly met in their middle school science class and eventually became high school sweethearts. When Devin decided to propose, he arranged for a whirlwind couple photoshoot starting at the Franklin Park Conservatory, telling Kelley that his friend (later to serve as best man) needed some sample photos to build a website. The session ended at the Main Street Bridge where the ring came out for a true photo finish.

  • Food: Condado Tacos
  • Apparel: Bridesmaids: Show Me Your Mumu
  • Booze: Kroger
  • Officiant: Tyler Plas, brother of the bride
  • Standout Vendors: Flowerman/Pluma Jewelry
  • Budget: $22,000

Who was someone who made your big day run smoothly?

  • Cathy Tuthill of Buckeye Entertainment/Zinnia, Events, Event Coordinator
  • Amber Preston Makeup Artistry, Makeup
  • Michelle Kissel, Hair


Any standout stories from that day, or something that you’d do over every time if given the chance?

Our ceremony was intimate, personalized, and very emotional. We would highly recommend asking a close friend or family member to officiate to make your ceremony that much more special.

Did anything go comically wrong, or was there anything you wish you had skipped?

We had planned for an outdoor ceremony and it rained the three days leading up to the wedding. The field we planned to get married in was wet and muddy so we made the decision the night before to move everything inside. Always have a back up plan!

Was there anything you did or had that made the big day easier?

Having a day-of wedding coordinator and being able to set up the entire ceremony/reception space the night before eased a lot of stress of the day. We were able to enjoy ourselves and not worry about small details.
Also when budgeting, figure out what are the most important parts of the day to you and your fiancé. Plan your day and budget around what is or is not important.


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