It’s that time again…

We are finally unveiling all the best this city has to offer. This year, you, the readers and voters, highlighted all the popular spots we’ve all grown to love, familiar faces who have consistently achieved excellence, and of course, a few new places that have changed the way we go about our lives in Central Ohio. We’ve had our hands full tallying the totals, crossing our T’s, and dotting our I’s. But, without further ado, this is your definitive list of the champions of Columbus. 

This is ColumBEST.


Best Meat Market / Butcher

1. CARFAGNA'S 47.5% of the votes You know it’s good...
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ray rays

Best Barbecue

1. RAY RAY'S HOG PIT 50.7% of the votes Multiple...
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Best Bartender (Write-in)

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Best Local Coffee Shop

1. STAUF'S COFFEE ROASTERS 49.3% of the votes Looking for...
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Best Doggie Daycare (write-in)

1. ALL PAWS RETREAT When you must leave your fur...
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doggie day spa

Best Pet Groomer (Write-in)

1. DOGGIE DAY SPA 1627 W 1st Ave |
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Best Beer Selection

1. 101 BEER KITCHEN 33.6% of the votes Thad &...
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Seventh Son

Best Neighborhood Bar- Downtown/Arena/SN

1. SEVENTH SON 43.6% of the votes Along with their...
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Asian Elephant

Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners

1. COLUMBUS ZOO AND AQUARIUM 38.1% of the votes The...
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The Joseph-16

Best Hotel

1. LE MÉRIDIEN COLUMBUS, THE JOSEPH 41.2% of the votes...
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Best Fitness Studio

1. ORANGETHEORY FITNESS 43.7% of the votes There were a...
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hot chicken takeover

Best Columbus Employer Under 500 Employees

1. HOT CHICKEN TAKEOVER 52.5% of the votes Maybe you...
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Best Family Attraction to Spoil Your Kids

1. COLUMBUS ZOO AND AQUARIUM 59.3% of the votes The...
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funny bone

Best Comedy Venue

1. THE FUNNY BONE 57.9% of the votes If laughter...
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Best Art Gallery

1. WEXNER CENTER 53.5% of the votes Film, video, fine...
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AMC Easton-1

Best Movie Theater

1. AMC EASTON 37.1% of the votes Have you tried...
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Best Bowling Alley

1. TEN PIN ALLEY 42.4% of the votes Another strike...
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Courtesy of Metro Parks per Columbus Navigator

Best Free Family Attraction

1. METRO PARKS 52.7% of the votes When you realize...
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mid ohio

Favorite Local Charity

1. MID-OHIO FOODBANK 45.6% of the votes Mid-Ohio Foodbank continues...
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GuardCare 2019

Favorite Overall Local Celebrity

1. DR. AMY ACTON 51.7% of the votes Dr. Amy...
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Favorite Local Radio Station

1. CD102.5 53.5% of the votes Always challenging their listeners...
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Best Local Solo Musician

1. JOHN SCHWAB 36.4% of the votes For over 35...
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Favorite Local TV Personality

1. YOLANDA HARRIS, 10TV 39.5% of the votes Yolanda Harris...
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7.18 MoJoFlo

Best Local Band

1. MOJOFLO 41.8% of the votes From their debut EP...
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high bank to go

Best To-Go Cocktail

1. HIGH BANK DISTILLERY 25.8% of the votes The idea...
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reaganomics_Missie Tong Photography

Best Cover Band

1. THE REAGANOMICS 53.9% of the votes For over 20...
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Best Tattoo Parlor

1. EVOLVED BODY ART  63.0% of the votes Columbus, you've...
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Best Hardware Store

1. ROUSH HARDWARE 40.0% of the votes Roush Hardware is...
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Best Grocery Pickup/Delivery

1. KROGER 57.7% of the votes Ohio-based Kroger continues to...
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cub shrub

Best Place for Children’s Clothing

1. CUB SHRUB 42.4% of the votes The brainchild of...
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Best Food Delivery Service

1. DOORDASH 52.1% of the votes COVID has definitely upped...
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Best Sporting Goods Store

1. DICK'S SPORTING GOODS  81.9% of the votes It doesn't...
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Best Local Record Store

1. MAGNOLIA THUNDERPUSSY 50.9% of the votes What do print...
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Best Hospital

1. RIVERSIDE METHODIST HOSPITAL 37.1% of the votes When it...
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Oakland Nursery-2

Best Plant/Garden Shop/Nursery

1. OAKLAND NURSERY  55.5% of the votes Gardening can act...
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Best Florist

1. FLOWERAMA 55.5% of the votes Whether you're celebrating, asking...
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blue star

Best Barbershop

1. BLUE STAR 37.2% of the votes This contemporary barbershop...
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Book Loft-3

Best Bookstore

1. THE BOOK LOFT  62.9% of the votes Tucked away...
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Best Car Dealership

1. GERMAIN 36.9% of the votes In 1947, Steve Germain's...
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Best Pet Store

1. PETPEOPLE 37.5% of the votes When it comes to...
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Best Shopping Center

1. EASTON TOWN CENTER 71.7% of the votes The outdoor...
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Best Furniture Store

1. ELM & IRON 37.8% of the vote Elm &...
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Best Wine Retail Store

1. WEILAND'S  40.3% of the votes Weiland's is a community...
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DailyGrowler_Kaiser1455 copy

Best Craft Beer Store

1. THE DAILY GROWLER 40.8% of the votes The Daily...
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Best Local Grocery Store

1. NORTH MARKET  41.3% of the votes Nothing like winning...
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Store Front Photo Final

Best Dry Cleaners

1. SWAN CLEANERS 49.5% of the votes People smarter and...
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Best Thrift Store

1. GOODWILL 36.2% of the votes Not only does thrifting...
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Best Alternative Transportation

1. UBER  46.4% of the votes "I'll just get an...
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Best Vet/Animal Hospital

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yellow cab

Best Cab Company

1. YELLOW CAB 55.5% of the votes It looks like...
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Best Local Clothing Store

1. HOMAGE 73.2% of the votes The pronunciation of Homage...
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Worthington farmers market

Best Place to Buy Produce

1. WORTHINGTON FARMERS MARKET  35.9% of the votes The well-known...
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Best Large Grocery Store

1. KROGER 49.4% of the votes Ohio-based Kroger continues to...
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Best Spa/Salon

1. PENZONE  41.1% of the votes Self care is more...
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Best Jewelry Store

1. DIAMOND CELLAR  41.3% of the votes Columbus, you don't...
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Best Place to Bank

1. HUNTINGTON BANK 42.4% of the votes When it's time...
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Best Place to get a Massage

1. MASSAGE ENVY 36.8% of the votes You know you're...
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Best Bicycle Store

1. ROLL 39.7% of the votes Multiple locations |
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GV Cafe_Laatsch-19

Best Neighborhood Bar-UA/Grandview

1. GRANDVIEW CAFE 36.6% of the votes How can one...
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Best Neighborhood Bar- Gahanna/Easton

1. GATSBY'S 37.2% of the votes Gatsby's has been wowing...
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Best Neighborhood Bar – Dublin/Powell

1. BOGEY INN 34.9% of the votes The Bogey is...
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Best Neighborhood Bar – Hilliard

1. CROOKED CAN 37.2% of the votes Crooked Can not...
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Best Neighborhood Bar – New Albany

1. THE GOAT 51.6% of the votes The Goat offers...
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Best Neighborhood Bar – Worthington

1. PIES AND PINTS 34.4% of the votes You can't...
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Best Fitness Center/Gym

1. ORANGETHEORY FITNESS 36.7% of the votes There were a...
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Best Place for a Kid’s Birthday Party

1. MAGIC MOUNTAIN 43.9% of the votes It just makes...
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Best Apartment Complex

1. GRANDVIEW YARD 47.5% of the votes The luxury living...
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Courtesy of Metro Parks per Columbus Navigator

Best Park

1. HIGHBANKS METRO PARK 41.6% of the votes The Metro...
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Best Bed & Breakfast

1. GERMAN VILLAGE GUEST HOUSE 43.6% of the votes Though...
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franklin park conservatory

Best Place to Get Married

1. FRANKLIN PARK CONSERVATORY 58.9% of the votes Looking for...
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Best Place to Hold Your Reception

1. FRANKLIN PARK CONSERVATORY 53.4% of the votes 1777 E...
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Best LGBTQ Bar

1. UNION CAFE 71.3% of the votes Union has done...
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Best Dive Bar

1. CHAR BAR 34.3% of the votes Char Bar is...
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Best Happy Hour

1. FORNO KITCHEN + BAR 37.2% of the votes With...
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Cooper's Hawk-8

Best Wine Selection

1. COOPER'S HAWK 48.8% of the votes Holding down the...
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Best Bloody Mary

1. THE PEARL 36.2% of the votes From fried PB&J...
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Late Night Slice_Laatsch-2

Best Place for Late Night Eats

1. MIKEY'S LATE NIGHT SLICE 62.7% of the votes Multiple...
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Best Traditional Burger

1. THURMAN CAFE 43.6% of the votes 183 Thurman Ave...
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Best Dining Patio

1. LINDEY'S 45.7% of the votes 169 E Beck St...
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Best Wait Staff

1. LINDEY'S 40.6% of the votes 169 E Beck St...
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Best Date Night Restaurant

1. LINDEY'S 39.7% of the votes 169 E Beck St...
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Marcella's Window

Best Neighborhood Restaurant – Short North/Italian Village/Victorian Village

1. MARCELLA'S 34.9% of the votes Multiple locations |
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Best Gyro

1. HAPPY GREEK 38.5% of the votes 660 N High...
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the top

Best Neighborhood Restaurant – Bexley

1. THE TOP STEAKHOUSE 45% of the votes 2891 E...
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Best Place for Comfort Food

1. CAP CITY FINE DINER 44.6% of the votes 1299...
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Best Neighborhood Restaurant- Clintonville/Campus

1. NORTHSTAR CAFE 36.4% of the votes 4241 N High...
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Middle West Distillery and Service Bar for The New York Times

Best Vegetarian/ Vegan Restaurant

1. NORTHSTAR CAFE 61.8% of the votes Multiple locations |...
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Best Place for a Salad

1. NORTHSTAR CAFE 57.4% of the votes Multiple locations |...
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Best Place for Parties

1. PINS MECHANICAL CO. 57.5% of the vote Multiple locations...
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Best Bar/Arcade

1. PINS MECHANICAL CO. 49.6% of the votes 2. 16...
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Pins with the Babes-26

Best Overall Bar

1. PINS MECHANICAL CO. 39.5% of the vote Despite plenty...
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Best Neighborhood Restaurant- Dublin/Powell

1. LOCAL ROOTS 37.8% of the votes This farm to...
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the barn

Best Neighborhood Restaurant- New Albany

1. THE BARN AT ROCKY FORK CREEK 40.3% of the...
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Best Neighborhood Restaurant- Worthington

1. THE WHITNEY HOUSE 35.3% of the votes Meant to...
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Cooper's Hawk-8

Best Neighborhood Restaurant- Easton/Gahanna

1. COOPER'S HAWK WINERY & RESTAURANTS 47.4% of the votes...
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Best Hidden Gem Restaurant

1. KATALINA'S 37.2% of the votes When you continually win...
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Best Neighborhood Restaurant- Polaris/Westerville

1. CARFAGNA'S KITCHEN 36.8% of the votes Carfagna's handmade kitchen...
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Best Neighborhood Restaurant- UA/Grandview

1. THIRD & HOLLYWOOD 36.4% of the votes There are...
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Best Neighborhood Restaurant- Hilliard

1. STARLINER DINER 56.3% of the votes When Cuban cuisine...
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Best Gourmet Pizza

1. HARVEST PIZZARIA 48.8% of the votes A trip to...
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Best Traditional Pizza

1. MIKEY'S LATE NIGHT SLICE 47.8% of the votes With...
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Thurman Cafe_Laatsch-8

Best Gourmet Burger

1. THURMAN CAFE 63.8% of the votes At Thurman Cafe,...
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Best Wings

1. ROOSTERS 66.1% of the votes Back for another year...
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Five Guys_Laatsch-3

Best Fries

1. FIVE GUYS BURGERS AND FRIES 50.1% of the votes...
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Best Dogs & Brats

1. DIRTY FRANK'S 55.1% of the votes When it comes...
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Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 10.54.57 AM

Best Ice Cream

1. JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAMS 43.4% of the votes Jeni's...
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Best Tacos

1. CONDADO TACOS 47.9% of the votes Whether you're in...
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Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 3.21.26 PM

Best Cookies

1. CHERYL'S 42.3% of the votes Cheryl's started with the...
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buckeye donuts

Best Donuts

1. BUCKEYE DONUTS 58.6% of the votes It's always jelly...
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Best Desserts

1. THE CHEESECAKE GIRL 40.6% of the votes The Cheesecake...
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Best Sushi

1. AKAI HANA 45.4% of the votes Akai Hana takes...
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Apr 22 2019Mitchell's Ocean ClubEditorial

Best Seafood Restaurant

1. MITCHELL'S OCEAN CLUB 38.8 % of the votes Dining...
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Best Columbus Employer 500+ Employees

1. THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 43.8% of the votes Why...
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Brewdog Franklinton_Laatsch-11

Best Drinking Patio

1. BREWDOG 42.6% of the votes Brewdog is the ultimate...
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Best Cajun

1. J. GUMBO's 39.4% of the votes Looking for something...
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Best Overall Restaurant

1. LINDEY'S 48.9% of the votes That's three years running...
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Best Italian Restaurant

1. MARCELLA'S 49.4% of the votes Dinner at Marcella's is...
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Best Indian Restaurant

1. AAB INDIA 70.9% of the votes When dining at...
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Brewdog Franklinton_Laatsch-12

Best Rooftop Bar

1. BREWDOG FRANKLINTON 38.9% of the votes Need a great...
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2019_Brassica_Kaiser 16

Best Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern Restaurant

1. BRASSICA 35.5% of the votes Brassica has found that...
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Best Mexican Restaurant

1. EL VAQUERO 44.4% of the votes El Vaquero has...
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Roosters Nest

Best Sports Bar

1. ROOSTERS 42.1% of the votes In Central Ohio, when...
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Best Irish Pub

1. BYRNE'S PUB 37.7% of the votes It's hard not...
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Best Asian Restaurant

1. TAI'S ASIAN BISTRO 42.5% of the votes Tai's Asian...
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seventh son

Best Local Brewery

1. SEVENTH SON 43.0% of the votes Along with their...
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Best Local Spirits

1. WATERSHED 47.8% of the votes Never satisfied to rest...
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Kitchen Social

Best New Restaurant

1. KITCHEN SOCIAL 48.2% of the votes A restaurant serving...
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Best New Bar

1. LINCOLN SOCIAL 40.1% of the votes Lincoln Social knows...
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High Bank Distillery_Food & Drink_Laatsch-1

Best Creative Cocktails

1. HIGH BANK DISTILLERY 38.1% of the votes The idea...
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2018_AntiquesOnHigh_Kaiser 2

Best Neighborhood Bar- German Village/Old Town East/Merion Village

1. ANTIQUES ON HIGH 40.5% of the votes Antiques on...
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Out R Inn_Laatsch-7

Best Neighborhood Bar- Clintonville/Campus

1. OUT-R-INN 37.3% of the votes You might call yourself...
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Best Greek Restaurant

1. HAPPY GREEK 46.2% of the votes Piled high and...
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Best Retail Bakery

1. PISTACIA VERA 34.2% of the votes The bakery treats...
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the top

Best Neighborhood Bar- Bexley

1. THE TOP 37.8% of the votes The Top was...
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Best Neighborhood Bar- Polaris/Westerville

1. 101 Beer Kitchen 35.7% of the votes Thad and...
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Best Gastropub

1. 101 BEER KITCHEN 39.4% of the votes Obviously, 101...
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Best Delicatessen

1. KATZINGER'S 56.1% of the votes Katzinger's is a deli...
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the top

Best Steakhouse

1. THE TOP STEAKHOUSE 40.3% of the votes A trip...
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Best Diner

1. CAP CITY FINE DINER 45.7% of the votes Cap...
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Chick-fil-A Sandwich 2

Best Fast Food

1. CHICK-FIL-A 43% of the votes Maybe it's the "eat...
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ray rays

Best Food Truck

1. RAY RAY'S HOG PIT 40.5% of the votes Boasting...
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Sunny Street Benedict

Best Breakfast

1. SUNNY STREET CAFE 35.7% of the votes The wildly...
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refectory 2

Best Price is No Object Restaurant

1. THE REFECTORY 38% of the votes Eating at The...
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North Market

Best Quick Lunch

1. NORTH MARKET 36.3%of the votes Not only does the...
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Best Brunch

1. NORTHSTAR CAFE 37.7% of the votes Back again as...
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Best Curbside Pickup

1. ROOSTERS 46.5% of the votes Multiple locations |
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