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Play the ‘Are You Naughty or Nice?!’ board game

Play the ‘Are You Naughty or Nice?!’ board game

614now Staff

It’s the home stretch, Columbus. We’re in the final month of this dumpster fire that has been 2020, and stir crazy doesn’t even begin to describe our collective condition. When will life be normal again? No one knows. And no one has known since MARCH. So, yeah, we need something to do. 

If you, like us, have been missing your favorite Columbus spaces this year, we offer you a way to visit them from the comfort of your living room: via game board. 

That’s right, we created the ultimate holiday drinking game to determine whether you’re naughty or nice, featuring the best of Columbus. That means you can roll the dice to make your way around the city, from COSI to Easton to the Columbus Zoo. 

Everyone starts on High Street, and every player takes a drink and draws five cards before the die is rolled. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be the first player who lands on the “You win!” space. After the winner (you, obvs) crosses the finish line, everyone else takes their remaining cards and tallies the score to determine whether they are Naughty or Nice. 

Oh, and mention 2020 at your own peril: Every time someone does it, you have to drink!


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