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Celebrate National Lash Day with Deka Grandview

Regina Fox



I’m not sure if my eyes are pretty enough to have a song written about them (cough cough Bette Davis), but I’m one step close with these new eyelash extensions!

Before my service at Deka Lash in Grandview, lash extensions were but an enigma to me. What even are eyelash extensions? How do they stay put? Are they heavy? Will they make me look like 2012 Snooki?

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Well, the jury (me) is back with answers to all these questions (no, I don’t look like 2012 Snooki) and more.

Columbus franchise owner Krista Guagenti greeted me upon arrival and began my consultation. After browsing photos of the different offerings—natural, wispy, cat eye, doll eye—I settled on a combination of natural and cat eye to achieve a longer, fuller look with subtle length added to the ends.

I was able to fully customize my extensions right down to the level of curl I desired, and as a first time customer, it really help reassure me that I’d be leaving the studio with my dream lashes.


I also opted for the TrueXpress method, which delivers a fresh, natural look in half the time using Deka Lash’s multi-lash fans, rather than placing a single extension on each individual lash. So, instead of a two hour appointment, it only lasted about an hour—perfect for busy holiday schedules.

Speaking of the appointment, it was time to begin.

I kicked back in a strange-looking, yet shockingly-comfortable chair and my lash artist Naomi cleaned and measured my natural lashes. Shortly after, she began placing the TrueXpress fans using a proprietary adhesive.

Naomi shared that most of her clients fall asleep during their appointments (there’s a fuzzy blanket you can bundle up with), and I see why! There was no irritation (I was even wearing contacts), no harsh smells, and no discomfort. If it weren’t for us chatting, I could’ve easily dozed off as she gingerly adhered my extensions.

Then, after about an hour or so, Naomi handed me a mirror, and my pretty new eyelashes were staring back at me. They were long, full, and flirty, but felt no different than my normal lashes.

I was then briefed on the do’s and don’ts of eyelash extensions:


  • Keep lash line clean
  • Remove eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara at the end of the night with a makeup wipe


  • Get lash extensions wet for 24 hours
  • Use saunas, steam rooms, or tanning beds for 48 hours
  • Use cleaners, makeup removers, or moisturizers that contain oil or solvents
  • Rub eyes or pull extensions off
  • Manually curl or perm your eyelashes

I followed all the aftercare steps, and have even avoided getting them wet while showering and washing my face. I can’t be sure if that’s helped the longevity, but I’ve only lost a few lashes since my appointment six days ago, so it certainly hasn’t hurt!

Deka Lash was founded on the idea that all women should feel confident and beautiful, and that’s exactly how I left feeling. Not only have they allowed me to go makeup free, I’m loving the little boost of assuredness my curly little extensions are give me from sun up to sun down.

Deka Lash is located at 1017 W 5th Ave, Columbus. To learn more, visit

When I'm not weaving a beautiful tapestry of words, I'm likely digging through jewels and vinyls at an antique shop near you.

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Michael B. Jordan’s curated drive-in comes to Columbus this summer




Michael B. Jordan is curating your next two months at the drive-in.

Starting tomorrow, Amazon Studios and Jordan’s Summer Screening Series will take over 20 drive-in theaters across the U.S. Lucky for Columbus residents, the South Drive-In, 3050 S. High St., is one of them.

Every two weeks, Jordan’s curated series will come to the South Drive-In. Each night will consist of a double feature that correlates to a very specific theme to celebrate multicultural voices in film.

It’s free to attend the screenings, but it’s first come first serve for downloading and securing your spot for the shows. Below is the list of films that are playing each week as well as links to download passes. 

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All aboard! Next stop: Franklin Park Conservatory




Photo provided by Franklin Park Conservatory

If you’ve been wondering when you’ll have the chance to get lost in another Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens exhibit, well...wonder no more! 

Starting tomorrow, Franklin Park Conservatory will be hosting the Paul Busse Garden Railway through Jan. 6, 2021. The displays are erected in the outdoor gardens of the Grand Mallway in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the John F. Wolfe Palm House.

Applied Imagination, an award-winning group of creatives and producers of some of the most beautiful garden displays, said the Paul Busse Garden Railway will feature 1,122 feet of miniature train tracks that “weave through gardens, over visitors’ heads, and alongside waterfalls.” Busse, a graduate of Ohio State University, began his model railway career by creating a railroad for the Ohio State Fair in 1982.

"We saw more people than ever connecting with nature during the pandemic, and the Paul Busse Garden Railway is a great way for the community to continue this appreciation. This exhibition invites visitors to look at plant life in a different way, right down to every sculptural detail. We are so excited to welcome the community back to the Conservatory with an exhibition that celebrates nature through an Ohio artist’s eyes."

Conservatory President and CEO Bruce Harkey in a press release

For information on health and safety guidelines to follow when visiting the exhibit, head to the website here. The Paul Busse Garden Railway is also sponsored by the Cardinal Health Foundation and Giant Eagle, with support from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Ohio Arts Council. 

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Columbus Marathon Canceled

Julian Foglietti



The Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon has announced the cancelation of its 2020 Marathon. Originally planned for Oct. 18, the marathon is the latest in a string of future events cancelled due to COVID-19. 

Board Chairman Dan Leit stated “The safety of our athletes, volunteers, first responders, team and the entire community is the top priority for our event.” 

The races Director Darris Blackford stated in a press release that “When you think about the best health and safety practices needed to help slow the spread of the virus, holding a major running footrace isn’t the responsible thing to do right now.”

Since its debut in 2012, the race has raised over $10 million for Nationwide Children's Hospitals patients and families. 

There is not yet an announcement on what form of fundraising event will take place instead, and athletes have been sent instructions for how to receive a refund for the event in the meantime. 
View the full release here

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