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July 2020

July 2020


This issue, we wanted to give Columbus’ civic and community leaders the avenue to speak, express, and voice their truths. We present to you our beautiful July issue, “The City Speaks.”

Here’s what’s inside:

  • The City Speaks
  • The Great Migration
  • Metro parks Attendance Spikes during COVID
  • Need a meal? Check your backyard
  • Star Chef
  • The Farm Plate
  • Outdoor Explorer
  • Quinci Emporium
  • COVID Crashed My Wedding
  • Entrepreneurs Go Rouge
  • Art as Activism
  • The City Speaks
  • Letter to the City of Columbus
  • Flavortown, Ohio?
  • Cohatch
  • Can Love Conquer COVID?

To find locations of where you can get your own copy, click here!

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