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Our Top 6 Carry Out Offerings
Lone Star Burger

Grilled beef burger, white cheddar, BBQ, bacon,
onion rings. All burgers start with a 7oz all-beef patty and are served with your choice of side; lettuce, tomato and onion by request. Sub Impossible Burger for $2.

Barley's Unconventional Wings
Sauces: BBQ, Sweet Chili, Buffalo, Chipotle, Gates of Hell Dry Rubs: salt and vinegar, hot honey, chili lime
(5) $8.99 | (10) $15.99 | (15) $20.99
Cheddar-potato pierogi, sautéed onions, butter, kielbasa, bratwurst, sour cream
$15.49 (without sausage: $11.99)
Mildred's Sauerkraut Balls
Sauerkraut, Swiss, Italian sausage, garlic, herbs, parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing
(4) $4.99 | (8) $8.99