Our Top 6 Carry Out Offerings
SB Burger
Two Mostly Beef Patties (Beef, Bacon, Bone Marrow), Special Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce, Martin’s Roll + Choice of Side
Beef Cheesy Brisket Crunch - 2 per order
Oak Smoked Prime Brisket, Crispy Corn Tortilla, Locos Style Bengali Fry Bread, Pepperjack Queso, Salsas Macha and Guasacaca
Ma La Chicken Sando
Pickle Brined Thigh, Kimchi Cucumber Slaw, Mouthwatering Mayo, Martin’s Roll + Choice of Side
Kati Roll
SB Paratha, Fried Egg, Yogurt Marinated Steak, Cilantro, Lime, Red Onion, Herb & Apple Chutney + Choice of Side
Daily Noodle Bowl
Details about today’s Daily Noodle Bowl can be found on Instagram @secretkitchenmenu
Roast Beef Sandwich
SB Sourdough Roll, Roasted Beef, Slow Roasted Tomato Aioli, Mustard Oil, Mayo, Horseradish Celery Pickles +Choice of Side