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Columbus Zoo red panda missing

Columbus Zoo red panda missing

Lori Schmidt

The Columbus Zoo is missing one of their red pandas, and they want you to be on the lookout for her. 

Zoo staffers have been checking security footage and searching the area since she went missing Tuesday night, but they have yet to find the 19-pound, nocturnal mammal with a striped tale. 

The red panda is the mother of two nursing cubs, so it’s possible she will return to her den on her own, but other animals in the Asia Quest area where the red panda was housed are being kept inside. The zoo is also setting up an overnight watch to monitor the area, and they are asking you to call 614-582-1844 if you see her. 


She will likely be up in a tree, and should not be approached. Even though she is harmless, she is quite shy and might flee. 

The Columbus Zoo has promised to provide updates to the public on the search.

UPDATE: At 11:56 a.m. the Columbus Zoo said Kora the red panda is still missing.


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