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Farmers markets guide

Farmers markets guide

Jack McLaughlin

Where to get the last of your fruit and veggies before winter

I’m just going to come out and say it: fall is better than summer. And now that the superior season has officially arrived, there’s a host of seasonal activities to enjoy. One of our favorites at (614) is perusing Columbus-area farmers markets. We love to see what kids growers bring in, from sweet treats to pumpkins and gourds of all shapes and sizes, we’re indulging in it. And we hope you will too.

Here’s a guide to some farmer’s markets that are worth a stop.

Bexley Farmers’ Market

When: Thursdays, 4-7 p.m.

Where: The corner of E. Main St. and Dawson Ave.

The Bexley Farmers market makes our list in large part because of its fun, unique location. Every Thursday evening, a section of Main running through a residential area on Bexley’s East Side is closed down for the market, so it offers a unique atmosphere that always feels a bit like a block party. The regular live music helps this as well.

The Market, which began in 2011, now supports 25 vendors, so it’s not the biggest, but it’s worth a stop for a number of reasons, plus it has a unique relationship with its sellers and the city itself. “We have incredible support from the city, including Mayor Kessler, and partners such as Capital University,” said organizer Jaime Hadji. “We also have market vendors who choose to make BFM their only, or one of only a few markets they participate in.”

This fall, the Bexley Farmers’ Market has expanded by a block to allow greater social distancing and a safer shopping experience.


The Pearl Market

When: Tuesdays and Fridays, 10:30 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Where: 19 N. Pearl St.

For fans of the hustle and bustle of the Bexley Farmers’ Market, the Pearl Market offers an unmatched urban shopping experience. Located across the street from the Ohio Statehouse, this market aims to provide fresh and local produce to all in an accessible location. And they don’t miss the mark, as for several hours a week, the historic Pearl Alley becomes a hotbed for foot traffic in the heart of downtown.

The market, which has served as a Columbus destination since 1989, is made of 35 vendors, and promises something for everyone. As local artisans joined in the early 2000s, many have brought with them a festival-like atmosphere full of fun and surprises. But it’s only open for a few hours a week—blink and you’ll miss it!

Worthington Farmers’ Market

When: Saturdays 8 a.m.-Noon, with 8-9 a.m. reserved for high-risk customers

Where: At its temporary location, 200 W. Old Wilson Bridge Rd.

For our next market, we leave downtown Columbus and head north for a slower and more scenic experience.

While the Worthington Farmers’ Market doesn’t offer the downtown experience of the other two, it makes up for it by taking place in idyllic tree-lined Worthington, where market-goers can wander in a less crowded open air environment.

But don’t let its location away from downtown fool you. The Worthington Farmers’ Market (which began as a PhD project in sustainable agriculture) is actually the largest year-round farmers market in Central Ohio—with 75 regular vendors in the spring and summer, and 58 in the colder months—offering a wide variety of farm-fresh products.

“From produce varieties you remember enjoying from your grandparents garden to exotic spiced truffles to authentic Turkish pastries, you’ll find it at the Worthington Farmers Market,” said manager Christine Hawks, who noted the market is now featuring an abundance of fall favorites, including apples and cider.


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