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The Fighters: Randy Malloy, CD102.5

The Fighters: Randy Malloy, CD102.5

Mitch Hooper
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Randy Malloy, Owner of CD102.5

Entering its third decade as one of the last stand alone independent alternative radio station, Randy Malloy said CD102.5 had big plans for 2020. The busy season was just about to begin on St. Patrick’s Day, build into the summer, and run into the winter.

“We were getting the ice cream truck out of storage and ready for stress breaks, interviewing for the new summer crop of workers, and planning for our 30th Anniversary as well as upgrading our entire broadcast hardware and computer systems,” Malloy said. “Busy is our way of life; 100 hour weeks. Go, go, go. And then stop. [We are] told, ‘Hold our breath.’ ”

The radio station, deemed an essential business during shelter-in-place, has been navigating the waters with little time. He and his staff are working remotely which presents many wrinkles when trying to keep everything on-air seemingly at all times. But, Malloy said the most challenging part has been watching the places he works closely with close down due to COVID-19.

“I am also seeing amazing acts of selflessness in the midst of this unprecedented crisis.”

“We are a symbiotic part of the culture, and with all the job losses and closures, we have to find new ways to survive. And that is not our usual profile,” Malloy explained. “Instead, we are the ones who usually are there to promote and help bring awareness to our community partners and advertisers.”

Malloy said he knows these folks are struggling and that’s why he’s offering free radio commercials to local small businesses in need of some exposure. And as it usually goes, he’s already seeing others pay it forward as well.

“I am also seeing amazing acts of selflessness in the midst of this unprecedented crisis,” he said. “The people that get up every day and put themselves in harm’s way to make sure the shelves get restocked at the supermarket, the people cleaning the hospitals and making sure our infrastructure continues to work, that the lights stay on and that social order continues. This honestly renews my belief in humanity and that the things that only a few weeks or days ago seemed so important have faded to mere background noise. People are great.”


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