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The Great Migration

The Great Migration


Columbus residents eager to get out of the house find new activities outdoors

The Wooks are migrating. 

Months that are typically spent by one subset of the modern-age hippie—AKA, the Wook—pitching tents in blazing-hot open fields, kaleidoscopic wooded areas, and sometimes even a high-end desert were postponed until 2021 thanks to COVID-19. This left the summer of 2020 void of traveling around the country, chasing live music, and enjoying their youthful exuberance.

It’s not just Wooks, however, but people of all sorts who find themselves stumped for things to do in 2020.

Dave Kuck, with most of his summer 2020 plans canceled, went out and bought a smaller kayak while he waits for a larger one that’s on backorder due to the high demand for outdoor equipment. Before COVID-19 hit, Kuck made a premeditated decision to buy kayaks next summer, but the pandemic pushed his purchase.


Erin Custer, a flight attendant who usually makes last-second decisions to attend festivals because of her job, took to Once Ridden Bikes on Indianola once her stimulus bucks were deposited and bought a bike. The store she chose to patronize was a smart choice, as those within the bike-making industry are saying those wanting to purchase a new bike will most likely have to wait until 2021 due to short supply and high demand.

Tanner Dew would usually be making his bones playing festivals this summer, which made the pandemic even worse for him. But his desire to get out and do something, anything, pushed him to buy a tent, kayak, and a new backpack for the great outdoors.

“I always have camped and grown-up (around) camping but having a free schedule definitely pushed me toward wanting to get outdoors and try new activities like kayaking,” Dew said.

Hopefully the city of Columbus continues to hang out with mother nature far after COVID-19 is part of our memory.

Oh, and if you see a Wook, say hello. They’re friendly creatures.


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