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Big Ten now preparing for possible fall kickoff

Big Ten now preparing for possible fall kickoff

Lori Schmidt

Big Ten presidents and chancellors considered presentations over the weekend, laying out the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic as well as about scheduling and potential TV deals. 

According to multiple reports, as a result of those meetings, a vote is expected as soon as today on whether to restart the football season. 

ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, and Sports Illustrated are among those saying league sources believe a mid-October kickoff is possible, with some reports going so far as to give the weekend of Oct. 17 as the target date.  


One area where reports differ is on whether all Big Ten schools will be part of a fall season, or whether some teams will opt-out

A key figure in the presentations was Ohio State lead team physician Dr. Jim Borchers, who is one of the chairs of the Big Ten’s medical subcommittee. Borchers and others made the case that the availability of rapid COVID-19 testing is an important factor to consider in the conference’s decision making. 

The original vote on the matter in August was 11-3 in favor of postponement with Ohio State, Nebraska, and Iowa the only schools maintaining that it was possible to move forward safely at that time. 

Unfortunately, this news may come a little too late for the Buckeyes. Monday morning, Ohio State defensive back Shaun Wade announced that he plans on entering the NFL Draft rather than playing this season.


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