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Ohio State parents to rally as pushback on Big Ten has impact

Ohio State parents to rally as pushback on Big Ten has impact

Lori Schmidt

The parents of Ohio State football players are holding a rally outside Ohio Stadium on Saturday Aug. 29 as they continue to demand answers from the Big Ten. 

The Aug. 11 decision made to postpone fall sports created a backlash. The organization Football Parents at Ohio State (FPAOS) has said it lacked transparency and came without the input of the conference’s student-athletes. 

Since that time, FPAOS joined with the parent groups of other conference teams to send the Big Ten a letter objecting to the process, and they even gathered for a small protest outside the league’s office in Chicago. 

Past players and coaches are being encouraged to speak at Saturday’s rally which starts at 11 a.m. and is being organized by Randy Wade. Wade is the father of Buckeye defensive back Shaun Wade.

Amanda Babb, who is the mother of Kamryn Babb as well as the president of FPAOS, has indicated that she will be there as well. 

Several parent organizations have requested the counsel of high-profile attorney Tom Mars to “provide guidance, support and leverage,” according to a Buckeyes Wire report. While not yet confirmed, it is possible that FPAOS is one of the participating organizations working with Mars. 

However, they have so far chosen against suing the Big Ten as eight Nebraska players have done. 

All forms of pressure may be having an impact. USA Today and others have reported the conference is examining the possibility of returning to the field as early as Thanksgiving. 


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