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Polar boy or girl? Columbus Zoo reveals gender of baby bear

Polar boy or girl? Columbus Zoo reveals gender of baby bear

Regina Fox

At only 8 weeks old, the new polar bear at the Columbus Zoo has already stolen the hearts of animal lovers far and wide. Now, we’ve got even more news you can “Oh!” and “Aw!” over.

North America/Polar Frontier Zookeepers Devon Sabo and Ellie Shriver shared an update via Facebook regarding the cub’s gender.

“I am very confident in telling you that we have…a little boy!” said Shriver excitedly.”


The zookeepers shared some additional tidbits regarding the bear’s development, including him fully opening his eyes.

“It’s getting to the cutest stage right now,” said Shriver.

He is also making more controlled body movements and taking more coordinated steps. The Zookeepers believe they observed him teething, too.

The cub’s growing strength is demonstrated through his new ability to nurse from his mother, Aurora, while she sits. He also has become much more playful with her in the past few weeks.

“They’re doing really wonderful,” shared Sabo.

Aurora will continue to bond and teach her yet-to-be-named cub for the next several weeks before they emerge from their private denning area.


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