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Spielberg-backed “magical” VR experience opening in Easton this weekend

Spielberg-backed “magical” VR experience opening in Easton this weekend

614now Staff

An immersive VR entertainment company backed by the likes of Steven Spielberg, film composer Hans Zimmer, and former top DreamWorks and Disney Imagineering executives, is expanding to Columbus.

Dreamscape has partnered with investor AMC Theatres to open a VR center in Easton Town Center on February 28.

Dreamscape will open its new Easton location with three original epic experiences: Alien Zoo, The Curse of the Lost Pearl, and The Blu: Deep Rescue. In a release, Dreamscape promised that Columbus visitors will “experience the magic of immersive and full sensory storytelling as they are transported to fantastic new worlds.”


Per the release, here is what adventurers can expect from the three exhibits:

In Alien Zoo, guests will have the opportunity to travel to a larger than life, intergalactic haven where they come face-to-face with endangered alien creatures from across the galaxy. Upon arrival, travelers will experience the exhilaration of being able to play ball with exotic frogcats, pet majestic creatures, and, by working together, even narrowly escape the galaxy’s greatest predator.

In The Curse of the Lost Pearl: A Magic Projector Adventure, audiences will be given a fundamental wish fulfillment: to step through the screen and become part of a movie. Once inside this heart-pumping adventure, participants will be challenged to unlock clues, escape treacherous traps, and work together as they discover the secret of The Lost Pearl.

In The Blu: Deep Rescue, Dreamscape’s breathtaking co-production with WeVR, an epic descent into the ocean to explore dazzling underwater worlds and aquatic life soon becomes an urgent mission to rescue a trapped baby Blue Whale and unite it with its mother.

“At Dreamscape, our singular goal is to create magical memories between families and friends that can’t be experienced anywhere else,” said Bruce Vaughn, CEO of Dreamscape. “We do this by building unforgettable immersive worlds and fusing them together with stories filled with adventure, joy, collaborative challenges, and heartwarming moments. We can’t wait to debut our three immersive adventures to the Columbus community and to Easton Town Center for the very first time.”

The new location at Easton Town Center marks the second venue that Dreamscape will introduce across the U.S. via its partnership with AMC Theatres.

“Easton Town Center seeks out innovators to provide unique experiences for our guests and Dreamscape is a perfect fit,” said Jennifer Peterson, Chief Executive of Easton. “Being the first and only Dreamscape in the Midwest, this is an incredible opportunity for Easton’s 30 million visitors a year to experience this cutting-edge technology and experience being transported into another world through virtual reality.”

Dreamscape is located on level two of the Station Building inside the AMC. Audiences can purchase advanced tickets for the Easton Town Center location starting today from

For more information about Dreamscape, the opening of its new location, its content, and its expansion, visit


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