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Local restaurant gets in on the meal kit business

Local restaurant gets in on the meal kit business

Lori Schmidt

Katalina’s thinks you have almost all the ingredients of a restaurant-quality chef. 

So the restaurant is now selling “Take and Make Kits,” which provide you the rest of the ingredients (with an emphasis on being locally sourced) and the encouragement to create your own meal. 

There are five different types of tacos you can make: southern fried chicken, housemade chorizo, vegan chorizo, pulled pork, and BLT. Chorizo and vegan chorizo nacho kits available as well.


Obviously there is some assembly required, but the restaurant says you can mostly heat and enjoy. And just in case you need more direction, they have posted recipes, including suggestions on how to serve up your culinary creations. 

The meal kits serve 4-to-6 people and run about $24-$28 for the nachos and $40-$44 for the tacos. They come with Shagbark Corn Chips and salsa, or guacamole and elote.

Orders to their Clintonville and Harrison West locations can be placed online for carryout or delivery, but must be received by 3 p.m.


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