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The List: is your favorite patio open today? {Updated}

Julian Foglietti



With patios across the state being allowed to open back up over the weekend, many are left wondering if some of their favorite spots are part of the initial pack.


While many are anxious to get back, Pins is holding off their opening until new sanitation procedures and technology like U.V ball cleaners are installed at the location. 


If a Hefe Weizen and Schnitzel are more your style, HofbrauHaus will be opening its patios for service on Friday.

Land Grant Brewing

Though not opening this weekend, Land grant is planning on opening their patios up Tuesday, May 19th operating on a “neighborhood pool” system of if it’s raining they’re closed, if you’re unsure, you can visit their website.

Bogey Inn

Though the price of beef has taken the Monday Burger special off the menu for now, the Bogey Inn is taking reservations for Friday night with a cuban sandwich deal to boot. And they still have burgers too.

Seventh Son

Though carryout will continue, Seventh Son has not announced formal plans for reopening.

Brew Dog

Everyone’s favorite loud-mouthed brewery has announced they will begin the first phase of reopening on Friday at their Franklinton and Canal-Winchester locations.

JT’s Pizza

JT’s Pizza has decided to forgo the early patio opening and will be preparing for a complete reopening on May 21st.

Standard Hall

With a new patio renovation completed, Standard Hall will be welcoming people back for outdoor hangs on Friday the 15th.

Woodlands Backyard

While volleyball will be off-limits, Woodlands backyard intends to open up its outdoor spaces for drink service Friday.

Local Cantina

The Local Cantina Patios will be opening back up with a one dollar craft beer special while supplies last.

Grandview Cafe

With new sanitation plans underway, Grandview Cafe will be welcoming patrons this Friday.


With their new policies in place, Balboa will be reopening Friday rain or shine.

Jimmy V’s Grill & Pub – Westerville

Jimmy V’s has their umbrellas up and ready to fully open their patio tomorrow. While committed to your safety – they have implemented all requirements and best practices.

The Goat

We’re opening all 5 of our locations for patio seating and some live music too – downtown, Dublin, Gahanna, Hilliard, and New Albany locations. Need more details? You can get more details at @lcgoat.

Pecan Penny’s

Check out Penny’s patio this weekend as they re-open dine-in service, the safe way with precautions put in place.

Via Vecchia Winery

Via Vecchia Winery has opened its patio! Check out the details on their at @ViaVecchiaWinery.

Somewhere in Particular Brewing

Check out Somewhere in Particular Brewing’s patio scene! They have taken extra caution in making sure you all are safe dining on the patio.

Old Dog Alehouse

Patio season is here and ready to stay at Old Dog Alehouse.


Tempe Taco Co.

Tempe Taco has its patio open for business. Be safe, stay your distance and enjoy your tacos! Yum!

Martino’s Sports Bar and Grille

Martino’s patio is open! Check out their social media to get additional details.

Skully’s Music-Diner

Skully’s front/back patios and dining room will be open starting this Thursday, May 21! They have safety guidelines put in place and a cover over the patio – rain or shine, they’re ready for action.

Sweet Carrott

Sweet Carrot officially every Friday & Saturday from noon to 6 pm.

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Big Ten sports will be conference-only come this fall




Hold your beers, Buckeyes!

If you had plans to head out to Oregon come September to see the Buckeyes take on the Ducks, you’ll have to put your cooler back in the garage, because cross-country football road trips are on hiatus for 2020. 

According to reports from The Athletic and ESPN, the Big Ten Conference is going to announce conference-only play for fall athletics. You can read the official statement from the Big Ten here.

The Big Ten is the first of the Power 5 conferences to announce the decision to scrap non-conference games. After losing non-conference games with the Big Ten, the Pac-12 is expected to make a similar announcement, according to The Athletic.

Some of the reasons behind a conference-only schedule include cutting down on travel while also making sure that athletes are being tested diligently for COVID-19.

There is support amongst Big Ten teams to keep one non-conference game, but the majority support a shortened 10-game schedule.

If this were the case, and basing it off of the original 2020 OSU football schedule, here is who the Buckeyes would match up against this fall:

  • vs. Rutgers on Sept. 26
  • vs. Iowa on Oct. 10
  • @ Michigan State on Oct. 17
  • @ Penn State on Oct. 24
  • vs. Nebraska on Oct. 31
  • vs. Indiana on Nov. 7
  • @ Maryland on Nov. 14
  • @ Illinois on Nov. 21
  • vs. Michigan on Nov. 28

As long as we get to beat Xichigan, right? You can keep an eye on the OSU football schedule here.

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DeWine outlines college requirements for Fall, updates Franklin County’s COVID-19 level




Gov. Mike DeWine started off his weekly COVID-19 update, which will take place once a week on Thursdays moving forward, outlining a plan to reopen Ohio colleges and updates to the COVID-19 warning levels for each Ohio county.

Here were some of the major talking points as they pertain to Columbus residents:

  • DeWine outlined the minimum requirements for the 167 institutions of higher learning in Ohio to reopen in the fall. They include:
    • Strict testing tailored toward their particular campus and community.
    • Isolation of those showing symptoms
    • Designated housing for relocating those requiring isolation
    • You can visit for a full list of minimum operating standards and best practices for further enhancing those standards
    • DeWine is asking for $200 million in CARES Act funds toward institutions of higher learning in Ohio.
    • “Colleges and universities really drive our economy,” DeWine said.
  • Franklin County, which was on the watchlist approaching Level 4 last week, was taken off the watchlist on Thursday.
  • Franklin County was taken off of the watchlist because it saw a decrease in the number of residents being admitted to the hospital.
  • The county still remains at Level 3 due to the following factors:
    • There have been 2,200 cases within the last 14 days, which means that the county exceeds the high incidence category for COVID-19 as defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
    • COVID-19 cases have increased from an average of 94 cases per day on June 16 up to 175 cases per day on July 2.
    • More residents have been seeking medical care, up from 171 to 302 outpatient visits per day.
    • COVID-19 emergency room visits have increased from an average of 27 ER visits on June 16 up to 56 ER visits on July 4.
  • Franklin County is still considered at Level 3 because they are still experiencing four to five COVID-19 indicators and its category can’t improve unless it sees a decline for two consecutive reporting periods.
  • Hamilton, Butler, and Cuyahoga counties were upgraded to approaching Level 4 on Thursday.
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COSI to delay reopening due to COVID-19 concerns




COSI will not reopen today as hoped.

After making plans at the end of June to reopen this week, COSI has made the difficult, yet cautious, decision to delay welcoming guests back in its doors.

On Friday, Gov. Mike DeWine declared Franklin County to be approaching Alert Level 4—the highest level alert—of the Ohio Public Health Advisory Alert System for COVID-19 response. Currently, Franklin County is the only Ohio county approaching Alert Level 4, and COSI has taken Gov. DeWine’s declaration very seriously.

You can read a statement provided by COSI below:

“After careful consideration of the current COVID-19 situation in Franklin County, COSI has made the difficult decision to delay its planned reopening. COSI has undertaken this action out of concern for the health and safety of its Members, Guests, and Team. The Ohio Public Health Advisory Alert System currently ranks Franklin County as an Alert Level 3, indicating a very high exposure and spread of coronavirus, and the State of Ohio has announced that Franklin County is currently approaching Alert Level 4. COSI will continue to monitor the situation along with state and local health officials.”  

Statement from COSI on Wednesday

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