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Pins, 16-Bit open with safety in mind; Columbus 16-Bit opens today

Pins, 16-Bit open with safety in mind; Columbus 16-Bit opens today


Have you been wondering how your favorite entertainment facilities are taking extra precautions in keeping you safe upon reopening?

Pins Mechanical Company and 16-Bit Bar+Arcade were two businesses that had people concerned about how and when they’d safely be allowed to invite guests back in due to tight spaces and game pieces that were considered high-touch surfaces. Even when restaurants and bars were initially allowed to re-open in mid-May, the founders of Pins and 16-Bit took a bit longer to assess their situation and evaluate the safest way to bring guests back.

“We had solidified our plan in mid-May and took the time needed to thoroughly review our training processes and implement heightened cleaning protocols for an early June opening,” said Troy Allen, founder and CEO of Rise Brands.

The Columbus and Dublin Pins locations opened their lanes for bowling on June 3, while 16-Bit Bar+Arcade in Dublin unleashed its arcade once again on June 12. The downtown Columbus location is set to open today.

Here’s how they’re making sure their guests feel safe and stay healthy.

Heightened safety procedures

“Before COVID-19, we were rigorous with our cleaning procedures, and, fortunately, we had a lot of the right procedures put in place already. To take our sanitization to the next level, we partnered with CureUV to implement 55W Medical Grade UV sanitizers behind each lane. Each of these UV lights has the capability to sanitize duckpin bowling balls after every roll in under three seconds. This same technology will be used to sanitize our other games, such as ping pong and pinball.”

Troy Allen, founder and CEO of Rise Brands


Allen added that this technology is something hospitals, airplanes, and Amazon are currently using as a result of COVID-19, “but we had to do a lot of research and testing to make sure that this was the right solution for us.”

Feeling comfortable venturing into a new world

“We’re seeing some people start to venture out and be more social, but this is a new world we’re re-entering, so we are working hard to be the safest and cleanest social spot in town,” Allen said.“Our staff and our guests’ safety and comfortability are most important.”


Rigorous manual cleansing

“We will have a member of our new ‘Clean Team’ sanitizing games and surfaces around the clock and guests can grab our crew if they want something to be cleaned. We’ll also have gloves available for guests who would prefer to be extra cautious while playing arcade cabinets and consoles,” Allen said. 

Days off for deep cleansing

The 16-Bit and Pins locations in Columbus and Dublin will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for deep cleaning. They will be open every Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 11 p.m., Friday from 4 p.m to midnight, Saturday from 2 p.m. to midnight, and Sunday from 2 to 11 p.m.

Learn more about Pins re-opening here and 16-Bit here.


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