Sadie Baby Sweets’ hot chocolate is the bomb

Nicholas Youngblood

Looking to “defuse” (yeah we know, diffuse, come on, laugh with us) some holiday stress? Sadie Baby Sweets, a Grandview confectionery, is offering hot chocolate bombs, and they are blowing up the cozy dessert market.

Sadie Baby Sweets rolled out its smash-hit seasonal special this fall for the second year in a row. After attracting local attention on social media, owner Rachel Altiere-Cohen said she can’t keep them from flying off the shelves. 

“People don’t want to miss out this year, I think. They really want to celebrate hard for the holidays,” Altiere-Cohen said.


The hot chocolate bombs consist of a blended milk and dark chocolate shell surrounding hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. Just drop it in a mug, add hot milk, and the spherical treat will explode into a cup of hot chocolate. The bombs come wrapped in packs of three, and Altiere-Cohen said they are good for several months.

Altiere-Cohen said the bombs were already popular last year, when Sadie Baby Sweets sold them from Thanksgiving to Mothers’ Day, but this year has been unbelievable. After posting a video of a Halloween-themed bomb in October 2020, she said she had lines out the door that same week.

Since then, demand hasn’t slowed down. Altiere-Cohen said she now gets around 50 emails each day asking about the bombs, and she has received orders for as many as 700. They are sold in the shop at Sadie Baby Sweets each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but she said they often sell out within an hour.

“A lot of people are buying them for stocking stuffers, and to give as holiday gifting,” Altiere-Cohen said.

Part of the treats’ continued success is likely owed to the variety of designs Altiere-Cohen has cooked up. Since the Halloween bomb, Sadie Baby Sweets has released white chocolate bombs, Thanksgiving bombs, OSU bombs, buckeye bombs, Christmas bombs, Hanukkah bombs, and more. There are even bombs that bear the likenesses of Brutus and the Elf on the Shelf. Altiere-Cohen said the bombs can also be made with custom colors or design.

Check out the hot chocolate bombs in action.

And these trendy treats aren’t an outlier for Sadie Baby Sweets, which produces tailor-made, single-serving desserts for weddings and corporate events year-round.

“We bring Pinterest to life. That’s our brand,” she said.

Altiere-Cohen provided some insight on how to get the best explosion from a hot chocolate bomb. She recommended heating milk in the microwave in a container with a spout until it’s piping hot. Then, place the bomb in an empty mug and pour the milk slowly over the same spot in the bomb until it bursts.

Due to their popularity, the hot chocolate bombs can be hard to come by. Altiere-Cohen said customers’ best bet is to contact the business directly about them, even if the website says they are sold out. They should expect a wait, but orders can be scheduled weeks in advance.

Hot chocolate bombs can be ordered from Sadie Baby Sweets on its website, via email at [email protected], or via phone at 614-723-9323.


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