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Seventh Son honors employees with hilarious 7th anniversary cans

Seventh Son honors employees with hilarious 7th anniversary cans

Mike Thomas

Known for its world-class brews and awesome 4th Street taproom, Seventh Son Brewing celebrated its seventh year in operation on 4/20. To honor the occasion, the popular local beer brand decided to honor the employees who help make Seventh Son what it is by turning those same employees into the product itself.

Rest assured, no workers were boiled and fermented as part of what Seventh Son has dubbed the “Beer Me” project. Instead, the photographed likenesses of 47 Seventh Son employees have been strategically placed as can art on the company’s “Maui Wowie” tropical pale ale.


“This seems especially relevant now. Our staff has been great through this mess, and it’s given us an appreciation of how much they matter to everything we do,” Seventh Son’s Collin Castore said in an email. “We can’t wait to have them all back. I think we are going to do this each year from here so it will also be a kind of time capsule as well.”

The next time you enjoy a tall frosty mug of Seventh Son beer, get a gander at some of the mugs who helped make it possible. For the foreseeable future, Seventh Son is offering next day beer delivery (minimum four items) as well as a free gift with each beer order! Visit for details.

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