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The Columbus Sandwich

The Columbus Sandwich

Mike Thomas

What does Columbus taste like? We assembled a sandwich from some of the city’s many noteworthy and historic purveyors to answer just that. The result is part Italian sub, part BLT, and all delicious. Can one single sandwich encapsulate the many cultures and traditions that make up the city’s diverse food scene? Of course not. With the bounds of good taste (not to mention gravity) in mind, we still managed to create something that represents centuries of combined experience, gathered from the far corners of Central Ohio. For your consideration: the Columbus Sandwich—a small taste of what makes this city such a unique and wonderful place to eat.

Photo by Brian Kaiser

Mini-Super |

As the name suggests, Mini-Super is your mini supermarket tucked right into the historic North Market. With the feeling of your favorite country farm stand, it’s your one-stop-shop for locally raised produce.

Thurn’s |

With over 130 years in the meat game, the baked ham from Thurn’s is a welcome addition to any application that calls for cold cuts.

Marzetti Salad Dressings |

The city’s historic family restaurant lives on through its many great salad dressings, which are widely available in supermarkets across town. For our purposes, the Sweet Italian dressing lends some very welcome zip to our sandwich.

Carfagna’s |

For a taste of the old country, a selection of deli favorites from Carfagna’s market (we chose salami, pepperoni, and capicola) offers flavor you can’t refuse.

Snowville Creamery |

Aged for a minimum of 60 days and made with unpasteurized, grass-grazed raw milk, Snowville’s White Cheddar stands up among the biggest flavors in any sandwich.

Falters Fine Meats |

Like Thurn’s, the Falters have been slinging the finest meats in the city for over a century. Wet cured and smoked with real wood chips, Falter’s is bacon as bacon should be.

Dan the Baker |

It all starts with the bread—in this case, that’s Dan the Baker’s country sourdough. Rustic and airy with a slight smoky char to the crust, a couple of slices are the perfect foundation for any sandwich.


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