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The fight for to-go alcohol continues

The fight for to-go alcohol continues


Have you missed your favorite bartender? Well, for those set on never leaving the house again, having your favorite cocktail delivered to your door might be in your permanent future.

On Wednesday, the Ohio House passed House Bill 669 to ensure the indefinite allowance of to-go alcohol. The legislation was passed to “expand the definition of premises and sales for liquor permits.” 


A temporary decision was made in April to allow customers to purchase two to-go alcoholic drinks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Establishments with an existing on-premise liquor license would be permitted to sell to-go alcohol as long as the drink was closed or sealed.

House Bill 669 also allows for the delivery of alcohol by third-party delivery services. The two-drink limit was also lifted as well. However, a permit holder will not be allowed to sell more than 1.5 liters of liquor to the same consumer.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, a local business that jumped on the to-go alcohol opportunity right away, has been offering an assortment of cocktails once the temporary order was passed. Now, with a permanent solution in sight, Wolf’s Ridge can start thinking about putting money toward to-go alcohol investments.

“Anything we can do to meet our customers where they are…is what we’re trying to do,” Wolf’s Ridge co-owner Bob Szuter said.

The bill passed Wednesday afternoon with a vote of 84-8. The bill will head to the Senate for consideration. 


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