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Too Good To Eat: Dough Mama’s Ham Biscuit

Too Good To Eat: Dough Mama’s Ham Biscuit


Sometimes you gotta whisk it for the biscuit.

Breakfast: the introduction to the beginning of the day; the summon to leave our beds; the culmination of comfort and satiety. It’s what wakes us up in the morning and encourages us to move. It fuels us. It drives us.

And we can’t seem to stay away.

Located in the heart of Clintonville, there sits a quaint little shop that is a beacon for pie lovers, coffee sippers, and granola eaters alike. It’s a space that encourages community, fosters conversation, and strengthens appetites. This breakfast mecca that I speak of is none other than Dough Mama’s.


Stepping a foot into this local cafe is like walking straight into the warm embrace of grandma’s home cooking.

The real star of the show that keeps the crowds coming is the cheddar scallion biscuit sandwich. This perfectly flaky, yet soft and fluffy dish is a favorite to both vegetarians and meat eaters. Pick between avocado or ham and you’re set to go. Your breakfast will be served up in style with savory horseradish sauce, pickled onions, and microgreens.

So come on in and stay awhile. You just might be surprised.

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