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Too Good To Eat: Lox Bagel Shop

Too Good To Eat: Lox Bagel Shop


Loaf is all I knead because you are my bae-goals.

If you have yet to hear of the carb-lover’s haven, let me be the first to introduce you: Lox Bagel Shop. This quaint little shop is known for nailing the perfect combination of density and tenderness with their traditional bagels.

But their claim to fame is the highly coveted “The Lox.” The namesake bagel sandwich is beautifully vibrant thanks to the bright smoked salmon, pickled onions, and plump green capers that fill the inside.


Combined with the generous spread of cream cheese that lines the sandwich, this handheld truly lives up to the hype. To elevate the order, add a side of the fried potatoes.

Then grab yourself a seat and prepare your stomach for a feast fit for the hipster inside you.

Pro trip: pick the sea salt and herb bagel and pair it with the lox cream cheese to make your sammy extra flavorful. Trust me, you will want to try this. It’s the breakfast you never knew you needed and cannot live without. I invite you to take a bite.

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