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Too Good To Eat: Watershed Distillery’s Short Rib

Too Good To Eat: Watershed Distillery’s Short Rib


Innovative. Sophisticated. Illuminating.

Those are the words I would use to describe the wondrous attraction that is Watershed Distillery Kitchen and Bar. Aptly named “Watershed,” this local distillery-meets-restaurant is the gathering place for cocktail aficionados, snack enthusiasts, and secret adventurers. Take a step inside and you will be immediately transported away from the comforts of the Ohio Midwest and into a atmosphere fitting of the elegance of an east coast eatery.

Watershed boasts semiannual drink menus that draw the eye of the beholder with unique themes that bring a whole new meaning to flair. But one of the lesser known attractions found in this kitchen is the braised beef short rib.


Perfectly tender and beautifully seasoned, this dish is one that leaves the masses yearning for more. One bite in and the meat falls smoothly off the bone, leaving the opportunity for bone-licking and lip smacking to commence. Within seconds, you’ll find yourself with an empty plate and a full belly.

Welcome to Watershed.

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