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Ohio representative attempts to charge Gov. Mike DeWine with terrorism

Ohio representative attempts to charge Gov. Mike DeWine with terrorism

Lori Schmidt

An Ohio lawmaker tried unsuccessfully on Monday to file criminal charges against Gov. Mike DeWine due to the actions he has taken to contain COVID-19. 

Clermont County Republican Rep. John Becker filed a private citizen affidavit accusing DeWine of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, complicity, terrorism, making a terroristic threat, inducing panic, conspiracy, bribery, interfering with civil rights, coercion, and patient abuse or neglect. The first seven of those charges are felonies.

“If this were serious, I would have a comment. Because it is patently absurd, I do not,” said DeWine spokesman Dan Tierney. 


Prosecutor Vince Faris rejected Becker’s request shortly after he received it. 

“I do not find any basis for the filing of a criminal complaint pursuant to this affidavit,” Faris told The Cincinnati Enquirer

Becker had previously spearheaded an effort to impeach DeWine, which only garnered the support of three other Ohio House members. 

A Baldwin Wallace University Great Lakes poll released last week found that 72% of Ohioans surveyed approved of the governor’s coronavirus response, and 78% trusted DeWine to provide accurate information on COVID-19. It was also 78% of respondents who approved of the state’s face mask order.


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