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Please, vote responsibly

Please, vote responsibly

Lori Schmidt

Never drink and drive–but DO join the get-out-the-vote-drive and drink. 

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is partnering with the state’s breweries to remind people to do their civic duty. 

“Democracy and beer drinking go hand-in-hand, always have,” said LaRose, pointing to the history of the American Revolution when citizens met in pubs to discuss politics.

“This is just another great way to put a reminder in your hand that you can pound the table and state your opinion with your friends, but if you don’t go to the polls, you’re missing an important step.”


To that end, the Secretary’s office has created label artwork for cans and bottles declaring: “Every vote counts.”

Already nine Columbus brewers have signed on to use the civic-minded labels. 

“If 2020 has proven anything it’s that every voice needs to be heard and hopefully this campaign can help to raise awareness and support for voter registration and participation,” said Collin Castore co-owner of Seventh Son.

Secretary LaRose is hoping this doubles as a way of getting people to support their local distillers as well. 

“These craft brewers around Ohio are all small businesses that employ people in our community,” he said.

Register to vote, or check and update voter registration here. Do it by Oct. 5, and then remember: when casting your ballot,  use your best (sober) judgment. 


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