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Today is the day, tips for National Voter Registration Day

Today is the day, tips for National Voter Registration Day

Lori Schmidt

National Voter Registration Day is an excellent time for Ohioans not only to register to vote but to check to make sure that their information is correct if they have already registered.

“Some voters have been removed from the rolls. Sometimes there can be mistakes and someone who’s a regular voter actually gets removed. Sometimes people forget that they’ve moved and haven’t updated their registration,” said Jen Miller, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Ohio, a nonpartisan organization that aims to increase voter participation.

The deadline for registration is Oct. 5, and that’s when Miller’s second piece of advice comes in useful. 

“The next thing is making an election plan,” she said. “Deciding which way you’re going to vote—the way that works best for you. Research the logistics of what it takes to participate in that way, and then stick to it. Act early and stick to it.” 


The League of Women Voters recommends early voting for those who wish to vote in person. Those planning to vote by mail should request a ballot now and return it as soon as possible. The Secretary of State’s office will start to send out absentee ballots Oct. 6.

“High participation in a pandemic means that could be more stress and strain on Boards of Elections and voters alike, so doing everything early will be a great advantage to everyone,” Miller said. 

With everyone dealing with the same stress, Miller also suggests that this is a good time to help others find a way to cast a ballot. 

“I think this is a very important year for checking in on your peers, especially because organizations like mine aren’t out in the field as much.” 

The League of Women Voters of Ohio maintains a vast library of voting resources here, and those wishing to register to vote can do so here.


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