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Airbnb: no parties for you, Columbus

Airbnb: no parties for you, Columbus


Before you get any wild ideas about renting an Airbnb for an undercover-quarantine-evading party celebrating a graduation, Memorial Day or your fresh divorce papers, Airbnb says not so fast.

The popular home rental site is getting serious about helping to enforce the state’s ban on gatherings

“Under typical circumstances, Airbnb empowers our hosts to set House Rules on events and parties that are appropriate for their communities. However, these are very different times, and public health must come first. To that end, we have previously announced that we will not allow for hosts to authorize parties and events in regions where current public health mandates prohibit events and gatherings. Given the executive orders from Governor Dewine, our new policy means we are not allowing any type of party in Columbus until further notice”, said Airbnb in a press release.


There have been a string of reports over the last few weeks of unauthorized house parties around Columbus with police being forced to shut down some parties.

“We want to be very clear — not only will we ban guests who attempt to throw an unauthorized party in a Columbus Airbnb listing, we will be cooperating with Columbus Police in any investigations relating to parties and violations of public health mandates, consistent with our Terms of Service,” said Airbnb.

This potentially adds to the difficulties being faced by Airbnb hosts who have seen their bookings fall to nearly zero as a result of travel restrictions due to the coronavirus.


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