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COVID-19 Coverage: Updates from Gov. Mike DeWine about the plan for May

COVID-19 Coverage: Updates from Gov. Mike DeWine about the plan for May

Mitch Hooper

At the reoccurring 2 p.m. press conference during the outbreak of COVID-19, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced and outlined the many steps that will be taking place in May. They are as followed:

  • MAY 1: Operations and procedures that don’t require an overnight stay at the hospital will be back in order. This includes dentists and veterinarians.
  • MAY 4: Manufacturing, distribution, and construction can resume, regardless if already working before. General offices will also be allowed to be open on May 4, however, it is still recommended that companies continue work-from-home if “at all humanly possible.”
  • MAY 12: While many retail outlets such as grocery stores are still operating, the new rules listed below will be enforced on this day.


Companies are required (not mandated) to have face masks for employees, clients, and customers. In addition, daily health assessments are required by employers and employees to determine if they are fit for duty. There are also stricter rules for good hygiene including social distancing and workplaces being cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.

The social distancing and limited crowd sizes of 10 or less continue on through May. As of the time of writing this, no date has been set to when that will be removed.

“If we do it right, we can provide as much protection as we can,” he said in the press conference.

Of the main key points in the press conference. tracing and testing will be increased in the month of May. Gov. DeWine said there will be an increase of state level health care professionals ready to assist if there were to be another surge as well as more volunteers and funding to help places currently in-need.

The Ohio governor also detailed key reports regarding health as well as the trends. The five-day trends show that the average amount of cases and deaths are down. However, ICU admissions have grown.


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