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Ologie gets creative with its annual bring-your-child-to-work day

Ologie gets creative with its annual bring-your-child-to-work day

Mitch Hooper

If hiding away from your kiddos in your bedroom for Zoom conference calls with your co-workers has become the norm, Ologie has suggested an alternative: invite them!

In past years, Ologie—a branding, marketing, and digital agency in Columbus—has hosted an annual bring-your-child-to-work day, but with its employees working from home, it is switching gears to keep the day running. Instead of meeting in the office, Ologie has set up a day for its employees to bring their children into planned Zoom calls where activities will be set up for them.

To learn more about what Camp Quarantine will look like, 614now caught up with Dawn Marinacci, executive marketing director of Ologie.


614Now: What will the virtual bring-your-child-to-work day be like?

DM: We’ve celebrated this day at the office for several years now and we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to keep it going just because we’re all working remotely. We gathered up a small committee to help with planning. The day will be a mix of planned events for Ologists to entertain kids via Zoom, and other activities to do on their own with their families. With every day being bring your kid to work day right now, our hope is that this will provide points of connection, excitement, and relief for parents giving them fun activities to do with their kiddos.

What are some of the activities they will be involved in? 

We’ve tried to organize a range of things: story time with the pups (Ologists bring their dogs to work on a normal day so everyone knows each other’s dogs), science experiments, a magic show, virtual talent show, make your own popcorn trail mix, making pizza faces, scavenger hunts, recreate a famous photo, coloring contest, other arts and crafts, and Mad Libs quarantine edition. There’s sure to be a few last minute surprise activities thrown in, too.

How do you see this helping lift folks’ spirits and make them feel more connected during shelter-in-place?

We have a really close-knit group so we’re always looking for ways to stay connected to each other through this time. We couldn’t fathom not taking the opportunity to get our kiddos involved to help keep us lifted and connected. Even during our weekly company meetings, we’ve had a surprise little guest who joins the meeting to share what they’ve been doing at home. Kids bring the laughter and love we all need right now. 


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