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Poll Results: What Columbus thinks about coronavirus

Poll Results: What Columbus thinks about coronavirus

614now Staff

Changes are coming rapidly to Ohio in the wake of the coronavirus. As protocols change, events cancel, and restrictions are put into place, it’s likely your lives have been affected in some way. But how? Are you supportive of the coverage and reactions thus far? Are you even following the news?

These are the questions we set out to answer.

Below are the results of our readers poll regarding the virus, the state’s reaction, and it’s impact at the personal level. Note that this survey went up before the governor’s press conference yesterday, so not all answers reflect new restrictions on gatherings and the decision to close schools. Learn more about how your fellow Columbusites are responding to the outbreak below.


Below are survey participants’ comments about the virus, the state’s reaction, and how it’s affecting them:

“I appreciate that the governor seems to be taking this situation seriously and acting appropriately in terms of trying to limit the spread. I feel like the information the office is sharing is much better than what we are getting from the national government. I do wish we were able to test more people and the Ohio coronavirus website was updated more frequently. I also we were making sure Ohioans will be taken care of financially if schools and work are forced to close.”

“People who think it’s no big deal need to look at the other countries affected. It’s better to be safe than sorry so I’m glad Ohio is taking some precautions, hopefully before it gets worse, which it will. Lots of elderly and immunocompromised people are at risk. everyone likely knows someone who is at risk. Stop thinking about only yourselves and think about how we as a community can try and do our best at helping others.”

“It seems like overkill. It is more dangerous than the flu as far as mortality rate, but locking yourself in your house and stocking up on toilet paper (for whatever reason…) as a healthy adult is unnecessary. I have seen many results from both sides of the spectrum on the extent of the situation, so it’s hard to believe any one source.”


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