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At least 6 dogs affected by suspected poisoning attack on local neighborhood

At least 6 dogs affected by suspected poisoning attack on local neighborhood

Regina Fox

Several dogs are sick and a few have even died in a case being investigated by Columbus Humane as a possible poisoning attack in North Linden.

Gypsy was the registered support animal of Hannah Broadway, reports NBC4i. A Facebook post that Broadway was tagged it revealed Gypsy was discovered in a pool of her own blood, having suffered organ ruptures. She ultimately died from internal bleeding.

Broadway then posted an update of her own, saying she is “still at a loss for words as to what happened.”

Thank you Aeriel Gabriella for making this post. Things have been very hard adjusting to a life without gypsy, she was…

Posted by Hannah Broadway on Sunday, January 12, 2020

But, before Gypsy or any of the other dogs got sick, an anonymous person made threats to another pet owner in the area.


Broadway’s neighbor Elaine Putnam received a letter in the mail with no return address, threatening to give her dog “a couple rat poison meatballs” if she didn’t get her dog to stop barking.

Putnam believes the person who sent the letter is also the person targeting other local animals.

The Franklin County Animal Care and Control anticipates more dogs in the area to show signs of being possibly poisoned. They advise dog owners to survey the yard before taking them out to use the bathroom.

Samples from the effected dogs are currently being tested to confirm or deny poisoning.

Columbus Humane is asking that anyone with any information come forward.

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